Midweek Media: Red Bull$#@+!

One of Red Bull’s cartoon ads. Ad begins with a male clergy (priest, judging by the collar) walking into a church. Two young male cartoon figures stand outside, watching. One has glasses, Two has a baseball cap on backwards.

One: Aw, do you really think it’ll work?
Two: Ha! You just wait.

Two takes out a can of Red Bull and drinks it.

The scene transitions to a confessional box. Two is kneeling on one side, the priest sitting on the other.

Two: Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. I have been with a loose woman.
Priest, leaning around the wall to look: Freddy? Is that you?
Two/Freddy: Y-yes, Father.
Priest, sounding now a bit Irish: Who was she? Was it Tiffany from the post office?
Freddy: Oh, I’m not going to tell, Father!
Priest: Was it Brandy from the supermarket?
Freddy: My lips are sealed.
Priest: Or Angie, the new teacher?
Freddy: I’m not going to say.
Priest: Okay, my son, that’s forty Hail Marys for you then.

The scene changes to Freddy strutting out of the church toward One. The priest exits another direction.

Freddy, to One, lifting two fingers:
I got two new leads.

Cut to an image of a Red Bull can with their slogan underneath: Red Bull gives you wiiings.

1-2-3, discuss.


  1. says

    I… I’m stumped. What is that ad even trying to say? The few Red Bull ads I have seen all had some joke regarding actual wings. This one is not only nonsensical and offensive, but also such a tired, cliché “joke” that nobody with half a brain actually finds it funny. It’s like the makers just browsed through an old jokebook (you know those ones, full of toilet humor etc?) and decided to pick one and tack their slogan at the end.

  2. SunlessNick says

    So at least one of three women is “loose,” and a sin to be with, while the guy who was with her is smart and cool.

    Lovely. For sufficiently small values of lovely.

    • sbg says

      It was the “loose” bit that really got me, I think. Even without that specificity there’s heaps wrong with this ad, but that only makes it worse.

  3. says

    Ah, that dusty old Madonna/Whore complex! It NEVER gets old! So fresh and funny you gaiz! /sarcasm

    Yeah, I saw this. All the Reb Bullshit commercials irk me, because they have almost all been male POV. As if only guys drink it. When, in my life anyway, all the drinkers of Red Bull I know are women. They mix it with vodka. :)

    On the subject of commercials but kind of off topic, I would just like to see ONE ITT Tech commercial that features a WOMAN going back to school to support HER family. They ALL feature the same type of guy with the same type of stay-at-home wife (presumably, since the scenes w/her are all at home) and the same type of kids.

    It’s amazing, these commercials. Makes you forget we actualy live in 2011, not 1951.

  4. says

    I very much doubt it’s Red Bull that has given Freddy the “wings” to squeeze loose women’s names from the priest, for that joke is probably older than RB creator himself. Zero for originality.

    • says

      Yeah, plus they don’t even tell it right. (Which…it’s problematic, but you could probably tell it genderflipped or something, and make it more “generic teenager looking to get laid” than sexist. Maybe?) It’s supposed to be that the guy’s friend asks him what he got, and he replies “X Hail Marys and four good leads.” You lose the parallelism and you lose the joke, dammit.

      …er, not that I’m nitpicky or anything.


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