Mira Sorvino speaks out on human trafficking

Mira Sorvino is a passionate advocate against human trafficking, which is a topic that’s just beginning to get discussed in media and now by the president himself. In the video she says:

“It’s happening about three blocks from the White House on Avenue K, I believe. There’s a place that, at 9pm at night, you can find an underage person to have sex with. You will buy that sex from her trafficker and, instead of being labeled a pedophile, if you get caught – according to one DC and GO [?] leader, in the 300 cases she’s worked on with underage victims of trafficking, not one time has the john been arrested. Not once. This is in cases with kids as young as ten being caught in the act. And the kid is taken in by law enforcement and often charged as a criminal for the ‘crime’ [she makes air quotes here] of prostitution. And the man who was buying the services of a minor is sent home. ‘We don’t want to ruin your life, we don’t want to make things hard for you, go home, go home to your wife and family.'”

We have been given a very sanitized view of prostitution as something in which men obtain sex from women in exchange for money. But a very big part of prostitution has always been about servicing the urges of pedophiles and hebephiles. We’re not talking about prostitutes who look 25 but are really 17. We’re talking about people who want to rape kids connecting with pimps who are willing to make that experience easy for them to get away with, legally speaking, for the right fee. Rather than try to stop pedophiles and hebephiles from getting access to kids, from getting away with their crimes, or even from developing this unhealthy drive in the first place, we’ve just swept it under the carpet and sacrificed kids the way humankind has always done. Throw them in the volcano, and change the subject quickly.

This is where the Catholic church has some right to be confused: society has condoned and supported pedophilia for millennia, so why are we suddenly giving a damn now? This is where Jerry Sandusky got the idea nobody minded his child raping as long as he only targeted kids nobody cared about – and as far as I can tell, he was mostly correct. This is where Roman Polanski got the idea that drugging and raping thirteen year old girls was something everyone wanted to do, and folks were just jealous that he had the nerve to do it – and a lot of his Hollywood pals backed him up (though many others condemned that whole mess, thankfully).

This society is not against pedophilia. Think about this. I know you are and I am, and this society pays lip service, but we’re against raping children in the same way we’re against speeding – as long as you only go a few miles above the limit and don’t get caught, it’s okay. If you do get caught, we’ll have to issue you a ticket, but you can work it off with an online class so it doesn’t stay on your record. We don’t want it to ruin your life. Go home to your wife and children.

Until we decide we don’t mind ruining the lives of men like Sandusky and Polanski and whoever these johns are in Washington (I wonder, as we come up to election – you should, too), we will be treating pedophilia as something that should be hidden, not eradicated.


  1. Red says

    It’s funny I should come across this; in one of several fandoms I’m a part of, there’s this one character in a current incarnation who tends to get on people’s nerves; a teenage Asian girl who’s impulsive, reckless and leaps before she looks into situations. She’s gotten much better at it and has matured, but she sadly, still has her share of haters.

    Her name is Miko Nakadai and she is one of the main characters in the show ‘Transformers: Prime’. http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Miko_Nakadai She is one of the few female characters in the show and is shown to be not portrayed in the typical Asian stereotype. Yes, the show has issues, but I do like, for the most part, how they have portrayed the few female characters they do have.

    Anyway, a fanfic author wrote a story centered on Miko. It’s called ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ by Foxbear. http://foxbear.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=72#/d4yinr0 Basically, it takes the idea that Miko was born and raised into prostitution for a powerful cartel based in Indonesia. She was, in this fic, eventually rescued and placed into protective custody so she could eventually testify against her when she eventually first encountered the Autobots. It’s a VERY well-done, compassionately told story about this subject.

    Which brings me to this next part… recently, someone on dA has posted a couple of ‘essays’ on Miko that are more like bash blogs. What does that have to do with FB’s story??? Because in this ‘essay’ they specifically targeted THAT story in question.

    Now it’s ONE thing that they hate Miko’s character. They can like or dislike whoever they want. It’s entirely ANOTHER when they take this opportunity to DOWNPLAY her situation as told in said story. Here’s the clipped parts

    ‘At the end, it’s revealed that Miko was forced to be a filthy hooker by some Thai drug cult or something, which, by the way, Fowler actually knew about. Okay, first thing’s first; that is just disgusting. I mean, why would a decent guy like Fowler, or anyone else from Team Prime, want to be near a former prostitute?! Gross, just gross. Heck, even Optimus would agree; a hooker would just be a bad influence, especially on Raf.

    After a long, winded, melo-dramatic sob story…’

    And this..

    ‘Hell, not even the fans care about what would happen to Miko! So she was forced to perform sexual favors, boo hoo hoo! Who cares! Man, if this was canon, it’s obvious that the fans would just roll their eyes and mutter ‘stupid annoying anime freak’ under their breaths and walk away.

    Why am I complaining? Because it’s obvious, throughout the story, that Miko’s just kicking up a ruckus because she’s craving attention! All of it is just attention seeking brattiness, from that whole flashback, to the part where those two thugs jump her at the fair.’

    Yeah, because going through that Hell and reliving it day in and day out as you get ready to testify against those who treated you like trash, all the while you’re biting your nails off to the point they bleed, under the VERY REAL FEAR that they will grab you and drag you back into that world-or even KILL you- is TOTALLY ‘melo-dramatic’ and she was ‘just seeking attention’. I mean, it’s not like she didn’t want to tell her friends about what happened to her, right? Oh, wait, she didn’t.

    I know this may not seem like a huge deal and that this fool is likely ‘trolling’ but to me, it feels symptomatic of the larger issue; that human trafficking isn’t a ‘huge deal’ Or that those who have to live with the aftermath are ‘just seeking attention’. THAT is the part that made me angry; that they despise this character so much that they would actually use her past-despite being fictional- as an excuse to hate her and pretend that the other characters feel the same way as they do.

    Sorry this comes across as petty. It’s just happened today and when I saw the topic of discussion, it just felt appropriate to the conversation.

  2. Cheryl says

    Disgusting. Reading the quote from the video made my blood boil. I’ve Tweeded and Liked this to let people know and get the word out.

    I’ve heard pedophiles cannot be cured. If that’s true, then they will always be a danger to children, and for that reason, there are only two options: life in prison or the death penalty. I know what I favor for repeat offenders.

  3. Gabriella says

    Sorvino did an amazing movie a few years ago called Human Trafficking – very confronting. That aside, excellent article – I don’t know what to add to it since you covered it so well.

  4. says


    Actually, it sounds like an extension of what we analyzed a couple of years ago with Team Liquid’s insistence that any gamer who dared reveal herself to be female was an “attention whore” because if you didn’t want attention, you would… pass as male, I guess? This certainly amps it up a notch – the author of the rant sounds like a 10 year old boy who’s sister’s been raped, only he doesn’t really understand what rape is, and all he knows is she’s getting extra attention and care and it’s JUST NOT FAIR, WAAAA!! Appalling.


    It’s a broad subject, but I think it’s fair to say there’s no successful treatment yet, and may never be. You may want to read this: http://samvak.tripod.com/pedophilia.html It’s pretty gross because he’s describing some of it very much from the molester’s perspective. But I think he’s largely correct because many pedophiles have Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and this author actually has it himself, but has gotten therapy. NPD is not curable – it’s the warping of the personality during its development, so a “cure” would involve breaking down an adult personality which can’t ever fully re-develop. But while this guy still lacks conscience and empathy, he has learned to live and behave more like a social person rather than an anti-social one. So, always take him with a grain of salt – think of it like reading a criminal’s book on how people become criminals – but I think it’s worth reading to understand more about the problem.

    I can’t quite get on board with death penalty, as we keep discovering we’ve put a lot of innocent people in jail for crimes they didn’t commit, but yes, these people need to be fully contained and kept away from society. Unfortunately, that rarely happens. All the child molesters I know of, directly or indirectly, are still out and about, preaching and teaching and working here and working there and wearing clean clothes going to church and so on and so forth. People just can’t believe they’re pedophiles, and neither can their victims – it flies in the face of everything everyone’s taught from day one.

  5. Red says

    Jennifer Kesler:

    Actually, it sounds like an extension of what we analyzed a couple of years ago with Team Liquid’s insistence that any gamer who dared reveal herself to be female was an “attention whore” because if you didn’t want attention, you would… pass as male, I guess? This certainly amps it up a notch – the author of the rant sounds like a 10 year old boy who’s sister’s been raped, only he doesn’t really understand what rape is, and all he knows is she’s getting extra attention and care and it’s JUST NOT FAIR, WAAAA!! Appalling.

    Here’s the link to the rant. Dissect at your leisure. http://the-crow-son.deviantart.com/art/The-Miko-Nakadai-Eradication-Movement-330154268 This isn’t the first rant this person has posted about this character or rant period. Mainly, most of us think they’re an idiot who has no life nor concept of reality. The fact that they are so worked up about this and insist on trying to ‘eradicate’ a fictional character AND are trying to insist others do the same is just… I can’t explain. O_o

    Also, I do hope you took the time to read the fanfic I linked to. Seriously, Foxbear- IMHO- did a fantastic job. You may not ‘get’ everything or follow the show or her works, but it’s done with such sensitivity and care.

  6. says


    Few things reveal more about a person’s psychology than an obsession with a fictional character. We can all rant about characters, especially when we feel there’s a disconnect between how hard the fiction is pushing them and how likeable they actually are, but when you’re really worked up about a particular one, that means there’s something else going on.

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