I’ve been meaning to write about the movie Ultraviolet, as I rented it a couple weeks back.   Milla Jovovich stars as Violet, a woman with a disease that caused her to lose her son, have a short life span, and kick a whole bunch of butt.

The film is filled with vibrant colors and detailed fight scenes.   Yes, our heroine is quite adept at the violence and looking spiffy.   Unfortunately, she was the victim of an even more tragic disease: Mom-fu.   That’s right, Violet is the sufferer of being a superior fighter”¦ with a heart made of mommy.

The story revolves around Violet being instructed to steal a “˜secret package’ and destroy it in order to save the people like her.   At least, that’s what she’s told.   Turns out, this secret weapon is Six, a child that Violet becomes emotionally attached to.   The rest of the movie becomes less about the action and more about Violet and Six’s growing mother/son relationship.   After all, Violet lost a son.   Now she can have another!

Even without the movie making all that much sense, I could have felt positive of the film with its swapping colors intermingling with motorcycle chases and sword-fights.   But when they put Mom-Fu in the mix, I became very disinterested very quickly.


  1. Jennifer Kesler says

    So it was marketed as an action movie and it looks like an action movie, but it’s really the heartwarming story of a woman and her replacement son?

    That’s not exactly going to encourage people to go see the next movie that’s marketed as action and has a female lead, is it?

  2. Ifritah says

    *Nod* Exactly.

    The frustrating part is that they obviously thought this was the way to sell the movie. If you have a fuzzy-warm mom/son feel, well, then the women will flock to buy the movie, of course!

    … No, we really won’t.

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