More arrests at Penn State

More of Penn State’s leaders have been indicted now, following Sandusky’s conviction. The charges are “obstruction of justice, perjury, conspiracy, endangering the welfare of children and failure to report allegations of child abuse.”

I hope this is the beginning of a trend. Sadly, it’s really not enough just to punish the child molesters. We have a society that so thoroughly encourages child molestation by ignoring it, sweeping it under the rug and silencing/shaming/intimidating the victims that child molesters have a better network of support than their victims. That boosts their sense that they can do this all they want and get away with it, so we have to break down the network too.


  1. TansyJ says

    I hope this does lead to a lot of arrests, and lost jobs if they can’t be convicted.

    People don’t realize how much the networks in place protect abusers.

    I read a lot of people wondering why various things weren’t reported, and the sad truth is, one individual trying to report suspected child abuse to an institution with be given the run around. No one wants to know or to have to deal with it.

    I know of one woman who found out about an abuser after the abuser retired from teaching public schools. Not a rumor, the abuser confirmed the story. The church the abuser went to knew about it, but the abuser was “really sorry” so they let the abuser continue to teach Sunday school classes. Even though the abuser was retired, they had a family member who is currently a teacher, and knew about the abuse when the abuser was also a teacher, and never reported them to the school board. The woman found all of this out and tried to report the family member to their school (teachers are supposed to be required reporters, after all). She was re-directed and re-directed to about 30 different people within the school district, who all said it wasn’t their job to deal with it. Reporters won’t touch it because there was never a conviction, police won’t touch it because it was “so long ago.” Even though someone who actively helped to cover up child abuse is still teaching children, nobody wants to get involved.

    And we claim that child abuse is one of the worst crimes in this society. I bet if the person was suspect of embezzling from the school, somehow, they would be all over it.

  2. Red says


    Translation: they don’t want to get involved because they don’t care about the well-being and safety of children. They’re too weak, cowardly and selfish to be willing to take this on. Claiming to be ‘really sorry’ =/= free from being held accountable and punished.

    How quickly would they turn around if it was one of THEIR children who was hurt by this same person. One day, karma will come calling and it will NOT be pretty.

  3. says

    Red: How quickly would they turn around if it was one of THEIR children who was hurt by this same person.

    Actually, no. I’ve seen plenty of people sacrifice their kids to molestation IF the molester is someone who’s Important and Must Not Be Offended. If it’s possible to do it without too much social awkwardness, they’ll take steps to keep the child away from the molester. But speak out? No. He is Important. (Now, if he were some black kid shoplifting at 7-11, they’d be down at the police station right now.)

    When you have a society that defines certain people are important, justice bends along a scale of importance. That’s why there are people of color still in jail today for possessing a small amount of crack but Dick Cheney could shoot a guy in the face and go right on with things. And kids haven’t done enough in life to be as important as adults.

    I have trouble with the notion of karma. Kids haven’t had time to put out evil before evil befalls them, and in my experience it’s rare that any sort of consequences are visited on their abusers – no, the consequences fall on the victims, and until some world religion offers a persuasive explanation for that, I’ll just continue with the explanation I have: there is no god, there is no cosmic justice, this reality is just something that kind of happened and that’s why it seems shoddily made and doesn’t work right in terms of justice. Consequences are only visited on perpetrators against kids when the kids make it happen – which usually gets the kids in more trouble with the law than the perpetrators. That is precisely why kids are such desirable targets for criminals. And I will never believe word one about this society caring about kids until I see some big, big changes in this area.

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