Moving On Up

I know I said I wouldn’t do another All Saints article after that hurl-worthy Deanna Richardson storyline, but this is regarding a completely different character, so it doesn’t count.

Jessica is one of the youngest nurses on the ER ward, but she’s ambitious. She’s been passed over for the position of Nursing Unit Manager (the Head Nurse in a ward) for All Saints’s ED three times, and has just been offered the position at another hospital. So off she goes.

Her best friend Dan doesn’t like this at all. They’re a team, they look out for one another; what’s he going to do without her? Jess is upset about no longer working with Dan, but she wants that position. They don’t come up very often, so she should grab the opportunity while she has it.

I wonder how many men would be upset about no longer working with their female best friends because a promotion means moving workplaces? It seemed awfully selfish for Dan to want her to stay to keep him company (and what was wrong with him going with her to the other hospital? God forbid a man should uproot for a woman.) It’s not like she’s even leaving Sydney, just going to a different hospital. I’ve got several close friends who I met through work or uni, seeing them several times a week, until one or both of us moved on; we’re still very close, we just don’t see as much of each other as we once did. That’s life, and true friendship doesn’t disintegrate just because you don’t live in each other’s pockets anymore.

In all fairness, Dan’s reaction was his immediate one, and Jessica stood her ground about leaving. But it made me think how many woman would have begged the man to give up his promotion for her and their relationship, and how many of us would have been yelling obscenities at the screen for her being such a weak woman who can’t get by without a man.

I’m going to miss Jessica. She had a lot of less-then-desirable characteristics and my sister couldn’t stand her for them, but they were part of her charm. She was nosy, bull-headed and brutally honest, and she didn’t care if she offended people with her opinions; in one scene, after Deanna’s wreaked her usual havoc on the ward, Jess cottons onto her and Jack’s relationship. Later on, when Jack takes her to task for criticising Deanna, she snaps back “˜I don’t take orders from people who sleep with the enemy’ – with the entire ward as an audience. Never mind that Jack and Deanna were trying to keep their fledgling relationship a secret. Never mind that it wasn’t any of Jessica’s business; no, when verbally cornered by someone she felt was being hypocritical and biased she confronted them on their hypocrisy and bias. Maybe not in the most tactful of manners, but no-one bullshits Jessica.

Jessica is blunt, and stubborn, and tactless. She’s our very own Chloe from 24. And, like Chloe, her intentions were mostly good, and most people found that out after a while and were fond of her despite – or possibly because of – these traits. I liked that she could be annoyed, and was flawed. I hope they find a similarly-flawed character to replace her.

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