Music that’s better than Katy Perry

Originally I was going to do a bunch of album reviews, but I’ve been too busy listening (and rocking out!) to my Christmas gifts to blog about how totally sweet they are. Here’s a bit of what my friends got me. It’s MUCH better than Katy Perry, thought I guess that wouldn’t be hard.

Lily Allen might be a closet feminist — “The Fear” and “22” provide some great social commentary on women and desirability.

I especially like Anjulie — she makes me think of pre-“Promiscuous Girl” Nelly Furtado. I mean, seriously, Nelly went from this:

to THIS:


I’m still searching for my perfect leftie pop star nirvana, but hey, this year’s haul wasn’t half bad.


  1. The Other Patrick says

    Lily Allen is fine, I wish she wasn’t such a copyright shill *g* Of course, there’s also this:

    On that note, the first Lily Allen song is not available to me on youtube due to copyright issues – so I type in the song name and watch the video from a different upload. Germany is especially good in blocking official band channels and leaving private uploads open *g*

    But I hear, hear, hear you about Nelly Furtado. She was so awesome and then somehad just had to become a music biz clone. Damn shame.

  2. Maria says

    I heard her Spanish album is better, but I’m not holding my breath.

    I wonder if we should start a Youtube Monday at Hathor, and just post music and stuff.

  3. says

    @#%#%ing Nelly Furtado. That damn song is the reason I found myself having to explain what the word “promiscuous” meant to a second language English speaker. TWICE.

  4. Jen says

    I don’t know if I quite get the lyrics to ‘the fear’ by Lily Allen, it’s obvious she’s trying to sound ironic when she delivers the lines:
    ‘I wanna be rich and I want lots of money’
    ‘I’ll take my clothes off… cos (…) it’s how you get famous’
    ‘Life’s about film stars and less about mothers’

    Like that’s NOT what she’s like/what she believes?

    Maybe she isn’t money-grabbing and doesn’t dream about being rich, but that’s because she was born into a wealthy family…

    She didn’t have to take her clothes off to become famous because her father is a famous actor and has connections…

    ‘Life’s about film stars and less about mothers’?
    I haven’t read a single interview with a female film star in a woman’s magazine that didn’t say ‘being a mother is very important to me’ or something like that, I’ve never read one that says ‘nah don’t think I’ll have any kids, my career is just too important’ lol

    the last one is just bad songwriting probably but there has been a lot of British pop recently that just reiterates and therefore reinforces stereotypes and myths that have been created by the media which criticise the supposed inclinations of mostly working class females who supposedly are shallow and vulgar when they look like they are aspiring to anything above their status i.e. money grabbing, fame grabbing etc.

    sorry is this off topic?

  5. Maria says

    Hi Jen!!

    You are totally on topic and those are some great points!! What other songs are you thinking of?

    The trend I’ve noticed here in the US is to demonize femme girls for being shallow, materialistic meanies who get by on their looks. The singer is NOT THAT and is therefore a good, virtuous girl able to decry the other’s shallowness. I’m thinking of the video for Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend,” Katy Perry’s entire album, Taylor Swift’s weird “I watch you from my window” video, and even Pink’s “Stupid Girls.”

    I’d be surprised to hear some of the pop stars I’m thinking of mention motherhood, since normally it’s all boys, boys, boys, high school, boys. That was actually one of the things I liked about the Lily Allen album, since some of the issues it brings up sound like mid-twenties stuff, not teen stuff. That was also what I liked about Return of Saturn by No Doubt, even though that album definitely condemned being work/career focused as a source of unhappiness.

    :thinks more:

    You know, I think that this also comes up in neo-soul music, too.

  6. Charles RB says

    re The Fear lyrics: my impression was that she’s reciting the messages she/generic British girls are having drummed into their heads.

  7. Jen says

    I used to really like Nelly Furtado too! You know her and Alicia Keys were a couple of the few singers who refused to use Auto-tune? I think Nelly uses it now though, shame she sort of lost her independent spirit and went all ‘mainstream’.

    Hey I think someone should write a blog about the gender politics of singing, like how the music industry will accept men who can’t sing at all AND aren’t conventionally attractive but for women you have to be glamourous and a great singer. Though will the advent of auto-tune mean that even MORE emphasis is put on women’s looks because whether they can sing or not isn’t an issue?

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