After the, er, thing I reviewed last time, I figured I’d go for something I love: Nevada. It’s a comic, by Steve Gerber, set Las Vegas, about a dancer called, as you may guess, Nevada.

And Nevada rocks. While the whole series is about something happening *to* her – specifically a cosmic initiation called the Ordeal of the Hammer – she never gives up her agency to just let it happen. She doesn’t just face situations head on – she bullrushes them. Attacked by a monster, she kills it, and then is horrified less by the thing itself than what its body fluids have done to her hair – which sounds like skewed priorities on one hand, but on the other, like she’s saving her freak-outs for times when her life isn’t on the line.

She has an insult that I’ve heard nowhere else. She has a pet ostrich.

She’s not perfect: among other things, she’s a poor judge of people; and she’s pretty rash in how she acts a lot of the time (the negative version of bullrushing situations? But then I like how her flaws and strengths mesh, and how some qualities have two sides to them). She’s brave, she’s tough, she’s mentally tough, and she takes stands when *she* thinks they’re worth it.

I love her.

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