New commenting features!!

Over the past couple of weeks, Shauna has been revamping our commenting system for you. We now have some awesome features I want you to be aware of:


This feature is meant to encourage quality comments. You can now “like” a comment. There’s a link in parentheses to the right of the commenter’s name – click it, and your vote will be added to the score on the left of their name (no score number means no votes yet). There is no disliking of comments because that’s just pointlessly negative, so instead…


This feature is meant to empower you to help us maintain a “safe space.” Once you click the “flag” link to the right of the commenter’s name, a link will appear asking you to provide a reason. This will pop open a new tab/window in your browser with a text box for you to fill in and submit. That sends an email to me, so I know to go review the comment. If you don’t provide a reason, I won’t be notified – the point of that is to discourage people from flagging without reason.

Because flagging is now available, we ask that you do not engage with problematic comments that you believe should never have been posted. Sometimes we have to delete not only the original problem comment, but all the good comments that engaged with it, in order to preserve the “safe space” environment.

Additionally, oncethree people have flagged a comment, it will disappear behind a link telling you it’s been flagged. That way, no one needs to see it until we are able to moderate it.

Social sharing and logins

You can now comment via your Twitter or Facebook account, and when you do so you have the option of posting your comment to there as well. You also can still comment same as always, without logging in. Our new system also scours Facebook and Twitter for mentions, and brings those comments into our threads. This provides some cool options for those of you who use Facebook and Twitter to generate discussion about these issues.

Questions/bug reports

If you run into things not working like you expected, or have any questions, please feel free to email me and remember to include what platform and browser you’re using. If you’re not using the latest version of your browser, let us know what version you use. While Shauna’s done thorough testing and I’ve done a bit on my setup, it’s always possible there will be some odd conflict with a browser plugin or something. Let us know, and we’ll do what we can to fix it!


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