new podcast on race and veganism

From Amie Breeze:

I have uploaded a new podcast for my Sistah Vegan Podcast Show.  It is called: Speciesism: Why We Cannot Fully Eradicate it if We are Unmindful of its Contingency Upon Racism, Racialization, and Normalization of Whiteness  by Breeze Harper

You can access it one of two ways:
1. Go to iTunes store and search for “Sistah Vegan”. My podcast will come up and I will recommend that you subscribe to it (it is free) and update the feed so all 6 podcasts will be imported into your iTunes. For some reason, the latest August 18, 2008 one isn’t showing up on the ITunes search, but, subscribing to it makes it come into your iTunes.
2. Go to
Breezie is an AMAZING critical thinker; her incredibly lucid explanations for the inter-relations between food, food production, and race always leave me feeling slightly stunned at how goshdarn smart this chick is. :) Here’s her earlier post on Hathor, in case you missed it. :)

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