New stuff at Hathor (yeah, I know)

Yesterday, we unveiled a new feature that allows you to submit posts to the site directly, without having a login – so get writing! Today, we’re rocking a new theme, new logo, the whole nine yards. It wasn’t just about the looks of the site, but about making it load faster, and load well on smartphones which represented barely a smidgen of users the last time we tinkered with the site design. Now a lot of people are browsing on the phones and the new design should accommodate them better. As always, if you notice bugs or weirdness, drop me an email.

You may also be wondering where we’ve all been this year. The surface answer would be that we’ve all been incredibly busy with real life obligations and trials of various types and from various sources. But the deeper truth is: this is what always happens in a major financial meltdown. Volunteer work is the first thing to go when everyone’s struggling to make ends meet, struggling to find a job, struggling to find a second, third, sixth job, struggling to start a company or freelancing or consulting gig… something, anything, to try to get by. And while some of what’s kept us away from this site is personal – deaths, divorces, births, etc. – a lot of those things are more challenging during hard economic times than they would have been when the 1% was content to just control most of our money.

And then, all the social injustice that’s accompanied this recession… you want to write about it, but then there’s another one. And another. You sit down for an hour to write, and suddenly find it’s three hours later and you’ve just discovered 12 more horribly wrong things in the world while researching your article, and by the way it’s time to go get ready for your job.

You spend so much more time being a consumer in this sort of economy too, because the big companies – the utilities who have a sort of de facto monopoly on you – lay off so many employees that they start screwing up all over the place, but they always screw up in their favor, not yours, so you spend loads of hours on hold waiting to talk to some unfortunate person in a call center in another country who can’t access your account because the company doesn’t trust her. So then you have to call again during weekday business hours – if you’re lucky enough to have that flexibility – and spend more time getting to someone who can actually fix what they screwed up.

So the deeper answer to “where have we been” is “right where they want us.” Too tired, too angry, too sad, too scared and just way, way too busy to put in time here. And that’s a big part of why we set up the way for you guys to submit your own stories. Maybe if we can all take a little time here and there, we can raise some awareness and do some good without any one person being overburdened.

Oh, whoops – gotta run!


  1. sbg says

    I like the new layout. Very sleek! I also hope people can generate posts – I’ve felt no small amount of guilt for kind of abandoning THL, and definitely have missed it. I guess that’s what I get for taking a job as a public servant – underpaid and overworked. I find myself so exhausted at night I literally cannot remember if I do anything from the time I get home to the time I go to bed.

    Please to pass the cheese to go with my whine! 😉 My job is important and often fulfilling (someone told me they loved me because I was able to provide them an answer they’d been trying to get out of another organization for a week), and I’m grateful for it.

    But I miss having the brainspace to participate more here!

      • says

        Me, too. But, you know, 2013 was a helluva year even for those of us who didn’t have personal problems/tragedies. A lot of violent major news incidents, people struggling to find/keep jobs, college grads struggling to pay the loans that now entitle them to lower salaries than ever before, etc. I have a feeling this is what it looks like when a society is falling apart.

        But we do what we can, and guilt isn’t the right response. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. :)

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