New stuff at Hathor

I’ve done a bad job, mentioning new stuff piecemeal. Let’s put it all together in one post (and of course, all of these will be removed eventually).

It started a few months ago when we decided the site needed a new look. We also decided our author avatars should have a theme, and after many lengthy discussions and late nights, we decided to go with cupcakes (since that’s an old-fashioned sexist thing to call a woman). The cupcakes you see in those avatars were entirely designed by SBG, who is very talented at cupcake decorating and ought to open a shop. Seriously, they are just unbelievably gorgeous.

We started using the avatars, thinking I’d whip up a new site design soon thereafter, but I was determined to find something fast-loading and professional, and very accessible, and that’s tougher than it sounds. The new theme is built on Thesis, which is super-speedy, but I’m entirely responsible for the look, so if you have any issues, you can email me.

Except the logo, which Revena designed. And which now graces all our gorgeous new Cafe Press stuff.

We set up a FaceBook fan page, and the Networked Blogs version of Hathor shows up on it (albeit a few hours later than it shows up on the site), so you can actually just follow Hathor through your Facebook.

I think that’s everything!


  1. Casey says

    You know, I was wondering for a long time why so many people had cupcake-centric avatars (and if you become a contributor to the site, are said cupcake avis mandatory? :P) and I just thought it was because you/they liked cupcakes….OTL
    The more you know~! 😀

  2. Robin says

    As someone who’s been inadvertently roped into doing similar things for my job, I know how much work those few sentences actually mean. Congratulations! It looks great.

  3. sbg says

    For the record, I got my stuff in the mail this week. It’s really awesome. I’m particularly happy with the ceramic travel mug – I thought it was kind of spendy, but I love those things as much as the metal water bottles and bought one anyway. It’s incredibly well made, sturdy and is also beautiful. If you like to keep your hot beverages hot and your cold beverages cold and at the same time promote a good message – totally get this thing.

    /pimping THL stuff over

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