Oh, DC Comics. Clearly you have too many blonde white girls in your canon…

So I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I spent mine at Free Comic Book Day, helping customers and handing out free shwag!

I didn’t get to see the insides of any of the free comics, so it came as a shock when DCwomenkickingass.tumblr.com posted about a suspect image in DC’s contribution to our yearly “Come get free comics!” shindig.

One of the panels in the Flash portion of the Green Lantern/Flash flipbook has a group shot of all the Flashes. Barry Allen Flash, Wally West Flash, Jessie Quick, Jay Garrick Flash, little Iris West Impulse and…

And some blonde white girl.

When I saw the scan, I had no idea who it was. Not one friggin clue.

“Who the hell could that be? Did they turn Bart Allen into a girl with a new costume or something? What the crap?”

And then I read DCwomenkickingass this morning, and they informed me that the image had been edited:

See Her?

That’s Jenni Ognats, codenamed XS and she’s a Legionaire in the Legion of Superheroes. She’s Barry Allen’s granddaughter.

Jenni is, and has always been, a woman of color. Always.

*facepalm* Nice going there DC comics.


  1. says

    Good grief! I had been sad because the only participating comic book store in my town had run out of free comic books by the time I got there, but now I don’t feel so bad about missing out…

  2. Nicky P says

    Hmm. That was weird. Let’s hope the editor pays closer attention to their job in the future and that the colorist learns to use references instead of assumptions.

  3. Nathanael says

    Ugh. DC’s been… well… let’s just say that their editors-in-chief these days don’t seem to know the difference between “extremely offensive tripe” and “quality literature”.

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