Oh, for hell’s sake, SlimFast

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Remember the time I talked about my astonishment at seeing a SlimFast commercial in which average-sized and slightly flabby people were shown to be dieting, rather than 80 pound models?

Never mind. Head, meet desk. Head, dent desk.

I cannot add to PunkAssBlog’s coverage, so I will link and quote:

Slim-Fast’s new celebrity spokesperson is tall, slender Rachel Hunter. She’s never tried the diet drink herself, but she’s darn tootin’ sure it’s a good thing: “I haven’t started taking Slim-Fast,” she says, “My message is more that I agree with what they’re saying.”*

The campaign, of course, boils down to “you can be any weight you want—as long as it’s skinny.” It’s couched in the usual language of self-esteem and empowerment (”being an individual and being a woman and finding your weight”) and health (despite Hunter’s admission that she skips breakfast).

But the message is clear: Even tall, skinny celebrities need diets.

I think my brain just threw up. I didn’t know that was possible.


  1. MaggieCat says

    “I haven’t started taking Slim-Fast,” she says, “My message is more that I agree with what they’re saying.”*

    It… it looks like English, and yet it makes no sense to me.

    Last time I checked their message was pretty much the same as every other company in the universe that sells a product or service: BUY OUR STUFF. That is not a ‘message’ you can agree or disagree with without actually using the product (and ideally a couple of others in the same market) so that you have a frame of reference.

    Why can’t they just admit that they wanted a famous person to market their product, and didn’t feel like going for the long term route that Jenny Craig has always used by picking spokespeople who genuinely want (or possibly need) to lose weight? At least that would be honest, and probably wouldn’t catch them any more flak than this will.

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