One Tree Hill’s Resident Damsel

Disclaimer: I’ve seen precisely two episodes of One Tree Hill, and I don’t even know why. There might be backstory of which I am not aware.

Viewing 1: There are shooters in the high school. Several students are held hostage, most noteably a curly-haired moppet named Peyton. Bad things happen, she gets shot. The Big Damn Hero of the show, Lucas, literally carries her out of the building and saves her life.

Viewing 2: Peyton’s long lost brother’s in town. Only the Big Damn Hero suspects brother isn’t really brother and something hinky’s going on. As it turns out, he’s right. Brother isn’t really brother, but some sick stalker who eventually chases Peyton around her house and tries to kill her. Big Damn Hero shows up to rescue her again. At one point in this episode, she actually says the words, “You’re always saving me!”

So, is this Peyton woman (I’d say girl, because this show’s supposed to be about high school kids but I’ll be damned if any of them look or act like any teenagers I know; that’s another story) fulfilling only the damsel role? She doesn’t seem to have many other qualities, though I highly suspect she and the Big Damn Hero are destined to be together, as in One True Pairing. So she might have Love Interest in her future, or have already achieved that illustrious status. I’d like to think I made a snap judgement, and that there’s more to this show than horrid stereotypes (there are more I picked up on, male and female).

Somehow I doubt it. I’d love for someone to tell me I’m wrong.


  1. Maartje says

    I watched it a few times as well. My tv-guide described it as a series about highschool basketball. In the time they spend TALKING about it they could’ve played a dozen basketbal games!
    I think they had three ‘main character’ teenage girls. The Best Friend (aka the Smart One), the One True Love (‘I’m not really a chearleader, I’m angsty!’) and The Slutty One (‘Though I like partying, I’m angsty too!’)
    And the Mom (of Hero) just wouldn’t stop angsting, and the Dad (Of everyone) just wouldn’t get a life outside of his legit son.

    I got bored.

  2. sbg says

    I actually don’t mind the damsel thing if she’s (or he’s) got other redeeming qualities. Love Interest isn’t a redeeming quality to me.

  3. Kat says

    Until her recent spate of damselness, Payton was actually kind of a cool character. She has this whole interesting backstory with her (adopted) mom dying and finding her birth mom (who was dying). She’s also an amazing artist and had a job planning concerts.

    Realistic? no, but very interesting, especially since a lot of her storyline wasn’t about dating and guys. I don’t know what’s happened recently since I don’t watch anymore, but it seems pretty ugly.

  4. says

    Snap judgement or no, it’s spot on. I watched all four seasons, I think. They might be on five or six now, I did finally stop watching. (It was stupid loooong before then, but I still enjoyed it in that mindless drivel kind of way)

    Big Damn Hero and Peyton end up together a couple times, first time he cheats with her BFF (slutty cheerleader) and then dates slutty cheerleader a few times as well, pretty sure he cheats on her too. But they all still WUV him doncha know, and he pretty much shits rainbows the whole series while dating everyone and being pretty damn disloyal but STILL SUCH A GREAT GUY OMG.

    I could go on for hours. It’s as awful as it looks lol.

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