Open Thread: Who’s more embarrassing?

Okay, peeperellas. It’s time to make a list.

Recently, we received a link from a reader letting us know about a post on Her Bad Mother. Catherine, HBM’s boss-lady, received an email from a reader saying that they were ashamed FOR HER that she’s wasted her education by becoming a mother with no job. Because being a mom is embarrassing, right? Women who choose to stay at home are just moochers, right? Catherine responds:

There is, it seems, this deeply ingrained but internally contradictory cultural idea that mothers are public property whose choices should be publicly scrutinized and judged but who themselves should not be part of the discourse of the public sphere, that is to say, share their stories and experiences of motherhood and family life out in the open and seek out dialogue and community there.

They’re repeating a story that asserts that the lives of women are not only not interesting, but not even suitable for the public sphere, unless those lives look more like men’s lives, or the lives historically celebrated as the kind that are lived by men. (It is worth noting that this story is often told by women. The disdain toward ‘mommy bloggers that one sees in the cultural commentary produced by some young feminists and the antipathy toward women who leave professional career tracks to ‘just’ be mothers expressed by the Linda Hirschman’s of the world are both expressions of the biases of this story.) It’s an old story, a disempowering story, and a stupid story.

This is one of the reasons we at Hathor get so jazzed over mommy blogs…. and why we’re so bewildered that, out of all the people someone could be ashamed of right now, someone could pick STAY AT HOME MOMS as the shamiest shamers who ever shamed the world.

Here’s the beginning of our list, collaboratively written by several Hathor bloggers:

People Who Are More Shameful than Mothers Who Choose To Opt Out of the Workforce (An Abridged List):

1. Charlie Sheen

2. Karl Rove

3. The parents in The Nanny Diaries

4. NBC writers

5. WI governor Scott Walker

6. Rush Limbaugh

7. Gadhafi

8. Mubarek

9. Roman Polanski.

10. Rupert Murdoch

11. Michael Bay (for sexist behavior)

12. Lucas & Spielberg

13. Kenneth Lay

14. Bernie Madoff

15. Bush, Paulson, Bernanke and the rest of the TARP “Let’s punish banks for wrecking the US by giving them billions!” gang

16. Pretty much the entire financial sector

17. The Catholic church

18. South Dakota

19. Ann Coulter

20. Child molesters

21. Dick Cheney

22. Naomi Wolf

23. Martin Harty (for this)

24. Michelle Bachmann, who has never been rated higher than “pants on fire” for a public statement by politifact

25. The House Republicans for their attacks on women, the country, common sense and…idk kittens. Everything.

26. Bobby Franklin, particularly

27. Everyone actively involved in pushing non-sense mortgages

28. Real estate flippers.

29. The real estate market, which behaved in a predatory fashion last decade

30. For profit colleges and universities, that exploit low income students and vets in order to take advantage of federal funding

31. Anti-union parents who don’t get that teachers deserve a living wage

32. Westboro Baptist Church

33. George RR Martin fans who harassed him so much while he was writing his book

34. Rabid P&A fans

35. LDS church

36. Companies that outsource jobs to foreign countries

C’mon, readers. Who’s more embarrassing than stay at home moms, whose hard work at a risky job makes it possible for some families to make ends meet? If you can’t think of anyone more embarrassing (no judgment here — maybe you’re at work and can’t really work up ye olde blood pressure just now), then let’s take this thread as an opportunity to celebrate parents who try to be the best parents they can — regardless of whether they stay at home or not.


  1. Jamie says

    I wish I could say I chose to be a stay at home mom. I would have done so in a heartbeat if I could. But I never did. When I was able to work, I did. Then we moved to Australia, and for a while there were legal issues and professional issues; finding a job in my industry was hard enough as an immigrant, let alone after I transitioned.

    But then my body went downhill, and I can’t hold a job if I wanted to. Which rather nicely dovetailed with my son starting school and utterly failing to cope, and so having a parent on call was necessary. Now, we home school both our kids, but I do surprisingly little of it because I spend much of my time either in pain, on painkillers, or just plain exhausted. I keep them alive and entertained during the day, sure, but I never chose to do so. I just… Fell into it.

    Stay at home moms are amazing. Those who can and do choose it are amazing. Those who can’t do aught else are amazing. Not everyone has the choice, we should cherish those that do. Equally, we should cherish those who never have the choice because of economics or situation or whatever else.

    Hell, let’s just all cherish each other. Imagine a world where everyone defaulted to loving each other instead of, well, what we have now?

  2. Gabriella says

    Oooh, whoever it was that banned our sister site, What Privilege, from my university’s computers.

  3. ninjapenguin says

    The guy who thought it was okay to publicly berate a woman for “bad parenting” for allowing her children to play the Wii at a party.

  4. Gabriella says

    The Australian Defence Force Academy, for diciplining a girl who had sex with another cadet while being secretly films… while seeming to not hold anyone else (the other person, those who filmed it) responsible for ’embarrasing’ the ADFA.

    Hey, I’m good at this!

  5. M.C. says

    Brannon Braga for insisting that Deanna Troi, Seven-of-Nine and T’Pol wear catsuits on Star Trek, so that he could sexploit them.

  6. Maartje says

    -The man who sexually abused and impregnated his then 11 yo daughter.
    -The men who called my dad a moocher for being a stay at home dad of four

  7. Jamie says

    I misunderstood the question, and I put forth: The people more worried about the impact this will have on the lives of the 18 males who repeatedly gang-raped an 11 year old girl, and those that implied (Or directly said) that she deserved it.

  8. says

    Just to clarify, IIRC, we included the Catholic church for shielding child molesters and for making various legal attacks on women’s rights in nations where they enjoy the privilege of paying no taxes on their enormous earnings.

    Just didn’t want anyone thinking we were equating Catholicism in general with something shameful.

    • sbg says

      Well, you weren’t, maybe…

      Just kidding, mostly, though what I can remember from my Catholic upbringing is that we should basically be ashamed of everything we do, so the whole organization seems to thrive on shaming. And that’s shameful. 😉

    • says

      Can we also include it for just-barely-indirectly promoting the suicides of gay teenagers and the STD infection rate of all sorts of people? And for having generally fucked up attitudes about sex?

      I mean, my mom’s side is Catholic and everything, and the laypeople seem fine, but the official church is just thirty-seven flavors of Not Okay.

      • Attackfish says

        Ooh, can we include the leaders of the Mormon Church? They harass, assault, and torment queer people, and tell their flock that it’s better to be dead then tho be gay. And they funded the prop 8 campaign.

        And they harassed my apostate father for years before we gave them the slip and have a pattern of doing the same to anyone who tries to leave the fold.

            • sbg says

              Nah, now we have specifics listed, which is good. It’s always a good reminder that they funded Prop 8 (entirely? or almost entirely), which was pretty gross. I’ve also heard firsthand stories about the harassment.

              • Attackfish says

                They gave the majority of funding, through a set of PACs they set up to disguise their direct involvement and make it appear to be a religious coalition. There are also reports of them coming to Mormon families with details of their earnings and saying “We expect you to donate this much to anti-gay activism. We’ll sit here while you write the check.”

                They also have skeevy ideas about women, and a truly fascinating racial history, and religious tolerance, and…

        • Brand Robins says

          Huh, when I left the fold they left me alone pretty quick.

          Also, even when I was in the fold I never heard of anyone being pressured to donate to Prop 8. In fact, it was the fact that most of them didn’t need to be pressured but were so quick to jump to with signs and everything that led to me leaving said fold.

          But then a lot of behaviors of local congregations in the LDS church are given to high levels of variance. The LDS church in Utah is not the same on the day to day living in it level that it was in Texas, which is not the same as in California, which is really not the same as in Chennai, Tamil Nadu….

          Note, this allowance for local peculiarity sometimes is beneficial, but often it leads to even more jacked up behaviors. For whatever combination of reasons when local LDS cultures sprout the tend to go more radically conservative than the opposite.

          • Attackfish says

            You’re lucky. Apparently, they saw my dad as some sort of shining star before he left, and they badly wanted him back. We moved twice to different states before they lost track of us. They were trying to get him to reconcile with “his wife” (he never got a temple divorce) long after he married my mom.

            • Brand Robins says


              I hate to tell the fuckwits that were stalking your dad… but if they got a legal divorce then they are “temple divorced.” That’s just how it works.

              But some people’s children….

              • Attackfish says

                Maybe it was different in the early 80’s? Or possibly, his lying snake of an ex wife told the church he never formally divorced her and they never bothered to check her story. Knowing her, it wouldn’t surprise me.

                • Brand Robins says

                  Could be.

                  Could also be that they were one of the outlier groups that feels that the “laws of the world” don’t apply to them. Freaky guys, but I’ve known a few like that in my time.

  9. sbg says

    – commenters on any site (think, Yahoo! or YouTube) who spew such vile hatred for many, many varied groups of people it’s impossible to point out all the infractions

    – eHarmony

    – people who moan and groan if someone requires the lift on a public transit bus (how inconvenient of that person in wheelchair to use the bus, don’t they know I HAVE PLACES TO GO RIGHT NOW?)

    • Jenny Islander says

      Every elected and non-elected Power That Is who has dared to block single-payer health care reform. It is 2011 and people are still dying from treatable conditions for lack of money. Jesus wept!

      Every pundit, amateur or paid, who dares to shame somebody who uses government aid to avoid starvation. And every twit who insists that people on food aid have to live on lentils and gruel. And every fool who says that people who can’t make a decent living where they are can just move, and those who don’t must be lazy.

      • Attackfish says

        US Senator Ron Johnson, who exploited his daughter with a heart condition by asserting that her life-saving treatment would not be available under “Obamacare” (blatantly false) and by doing so, seeks to deny life-saving treatment to other children in his daughter’s position.

    • Jenny Islander says

      Also, Jamie Oliver, for pretending to help reform school lunch programs when he just heaped more expense and work on people who did not need his crap.

      And everybody who is profiting from the so-called obesity epidemic. And everybody who has decided that heaping even more shame and self-loathing on fat kids will make them thin. And the people who crop the heads out of photos of fat people and use their depersonalized bodies to illustrate What’s Wrong With America. And any medical authority who thinks that the BMI means a damn thing.

      And let’s not forget hospitals that say that they take care of mothers and babies, but have enormously high rates of unnecessary surgical intervention and the consequent medical dangers.

    • Gabriella says

      The people who bitch and moan when a wheelchair-user ‘demands’ next use of the disabled toilet regardless of where they were in the line. (Or any disabled person, obviously, but I think it’s particularly scummy when you can SEE the person is disabled and still think they should wait.)

      • says

        I didn’t understand why that was wrong myself (“it’s not fair that you don’t have to wait your turn like the rest of us”) until a wheelchair-using internet friend explained that 1) waiting for a single stall, as opposed to any of several, means you’ll wait longer than everyone else and 2) many people in wheelchairs have bladder issues that need to be addressed immediately, and they won’t be able to hold it if they have to wait in line.

        So sometimes it’s ignorance, a fixable problem. But then again, many times it’s willful ignorance, when the person knows better and just doesn’t care.

  10. Casey says

    Bill Maher,
    Keith Olberdouche,
    Dan Savage (for hating fat people, women, victims of sexual assault, and those in poly-amorous or open relationships).

    There’s a LOOOT more, I’m sure.

      • Finbarr Ryan says

        He doesn’t dislike us, he just thinks we shouldn’t ‘inflict’ ourselves on sexuals. See, we have this conspiracy to trap people in unsatisfying relationships, and he’s wise to our game.

        That Dan Savage. Truly, a worthy adversary.

  11. Brand Robins says

    Can I get a 36(b) that’s about the racists who attack outsourced call center employees on the phone for the crime of wanting a job and not being in their nation?

    • Maria says

      YES! Or the First World policies that undermine the economies of “cheap labor” nations so that the labor remains cheap?

      • Brand Robins says


        The economic slavery conditions that third world countries are deliberately forced into is about as shameful as it is possible to get.

        • Brand Robins says


          Of course, the real problem with North American capitalism is that the whole structure is built on the necessity of constant growth. If it stops growing it starts imploding. Which means that any means needed to assure growth is easy to justify as necessary, because it isn’t even about maintaining growth, its about keeping the system as a whole from collapsing.

          If one sees parallels to the late Roman empire, one can probably be forgiven.

  12. says

    Jeff Robinov
    –Robert C. Cooper
    Dominic Minghella
    Alfred Hitchcock
    –Sarah Palin
    –People who double park to make cell phone calls
    –People who park in disabled spaces without actually needing them
    –People who give giant kudos to fathers for helping to take care of their own kids once in a while (“babysitting”)
    –The DR of Congo
    –People who perform female circumcision

    You know, it’s going to be a LONG fucking time before we finish this list, if we’re being exhaustive about it. I think there are about 5.75 billion people who embarrass me more than stay at home moms. 😉

    • Attackfish says

      People who park in disabled spaces without actually needing them

      Be careful with this one. It’s way rarer than most people think, whereas invisible disabilities that require the spaces are more common. Even with my placard, I frequently put my oxygen on when I go to the car on days I don’t need it to keep people from hassling me about stealing a space they don’t think I need.

      • says

        Back when my knees were still so bad I needed a disability placard, but after I’d stopped using the walker, I got so many glares! At first I tried to feel positive about it, that they were trying to support disabled rights, but after a while I started to get really defensive. I still get glares and the occasional pointed comment about my “young legs” when I take the elevator up a single floor. Just because I can walk on a flat surface doesn’t mean I can handle stairs, thankyouverymuch.

        However, I’ve also had people brag about borrowing their grandmother’s placard to get parking at the mall on a busy Saturday, or express surprise when I let my placard expire because I no longer needed it instead of trying to renew it “just in case”. So I cheerfully disparage the self-admitted abusers of the system.

        • Attackfish says

          I’ve noticed a lot of people have a terrible fear of other people “getting away with something” that is much more severe than their fear that someone who needs a service will do without.

          Where I’m from, if someone borrows your placard, you lose it and get a hefty fine, so no one brags about borrowing their grandparents’ placards here. It probably gets done, but no one talks about it.

          By the way, I would like to add the school administrators at my university who illegally curtain off handicapped parking and turn it into event parking whenever they feel like it. They have are so many ADA violations, what’s one more?

          • says

            I’ve noticed a lot of people have a terrible fear of other people “getting away with something” that is much more severe than their fear that someone who needs a service will do without.

            Am I the only one who thinks these people are 4 year olds in some kind of Freaky Friday situation? At that age, you think fairness can be measured by the exact size of an ice cream scoop. But by about age 10, you understand that other factors can come into play: the calorie intake of a bigger kid vs. a smaller one, the fact that one kids followed the rules to get the ice cream and the other didn’t, the fact that some people are lactose intolerant and can’t even have the ice cream and therefore deserve something else that’s pricier which you can’t have because you CAN eat the cheap ice cream and enjoy it, etc.?

            • Maria says

              Oh, hon, you are being so optimistic if you think 10 yr olds get that over ice cream. ICE CREAM IS SERIOUS BUSINESS.

              • sbg says

                We used to have to split cones from McDonald’s and it was WAR on who got the cone and who had to eat their “half” with a spoon, from a paper cup. Woe.

                McDonald’s trips were generally a Big Deal.

                • Casey says

                  That sucks…we always just got the mini-cones for free. (THEN THEY STARTED CHARGING LIKE A BUCK FIFTY FOR THEM WHAT THE FUCK)

              • says

                Heh, yeah.

                I was twelve when my parents let me get my ears pierced. My sister was eleven. It was YEARS before I let that grudge go, and it still comes up as a joke.

                I mean, I get the point, but I think either my sister and I were unusually petty for our age group–quite possible–or ten-year-olds are sadly not quite as enlightened as one might think. :)

                • Gabriella says

                  Nah. I’m the oldest, so whatever I campaigned for, the other three got younger than I did AFTER I DID ALL THE LEGWORK! So something I got at ten, they got at nine, eight, seven… I suspect I only got over it ‘cos the youngest is now 21 so it’s pretty much ‘everyone can work and spend their money how they see fit’. I think Jenn gives kids too much credit for understanding that some kids get bigger portions/certain privlidges younger than others. Though it could also be a sibling thing – siblings seem to be notorious for fighting bitterly over the pettiest thing. (In fact, there seems to be a corrolatoin between pettiness and bittenrness.)

                  • says

                    Well, I am an only child.

                    That said, my point was that grownups should be capable of sufficient thinking to realize there’s more to it than the exact size of the scoop of ice cream.

                    • Maria says

                      Word. I gotta say, tho, sometimes grown ups make me love kids more… because at some point grown ups stopped worrying about whether things were FAIR and instead get caught up in making everything THEIRS

          • says

            re: fines for abuse of placards

            That’s the law where I’m from too – I had to sign some paperwork promising I wouldn’t abuse my placard privileges or allow others to do so. But the bragging I mentioned was 1) from teenagers in a peer setting, which generally encourages outrageous and counter-cultural behavior and 2) in person to friends, which isn’t a situation you’d generally expect to be held accountable for. And the fact that they did feel comfortable enough in this setting to voice their desires makes me believe that there are others out there with the same behavior who just aren’t comfortable enough to voice it.

      • says

        Point taken. Some people have actually bragged to me about using those spaces when they have no need at all for them, because they think it’s unfair that the disabled get to have it so easy (!!??!!), so that’s who I had in mind.

    • Alara Rogers says

      This one bugs me too (if the “reply” function is misaligned again, I am responding to Attackfish and agreeing that the “people who park in spots for the disabled when they don’t need them” is problematic.) I’m aware that it gets abused; my ex-boyfriend drove a car that his grandmother had purchased for him for the purpose of driving her places, and since she had registered it it had handicapped plates… he was abled, she wasn’t, but he parked in disabled-person spots when she wasn’t in his car, if he was in a big rush. But, I agree that it is impossible to tell from looking at a person whether they have an invisible disability or not.

      My husband is legally blind. We have been in situations where people gave us a hard time for me insisting on accompanying him as a reader because spouses weren’t supposed to be there and “he doesn’t look blind.” I had a period of a year when I suffered severe shortness of breath (they never did figure out why) and could not climb stairs easily, but lots of places would reserve the elevators for disabled people and then give me the stink-eye when I used them.

      So yeah. I prefer to err on the side of making sure people who need something get it than try to keep people who don’t deserve it from having it.

  13. Dani says

    The men in Egypt who are telling the women, who were on the front lines protesting in order to oust Mubarak, that they should go home, where they “belong”.

    • Jenny Islander says

      Bungholes who swerve into puddles so that they can splash pedestrians, cuz it’s funny, haw haw. Especially when they do it to kids, babies in strollers, or people in wheelchairs, who tend to catch most of the filthy freezing water right in the face. And yes, this has happened to my kids and baby.

      Anybody who blows through a crosswalk because they’re too busy yacking on their cell phones while speeding up so that they will have longer to sit and fume at the red light.

      Flatheads who shoot up or otherwise deface highway signs.

      • Jamie says

        Oh! I’ll add to this one the gits that throw sodas and whatnot from passing cars at transpeople on the street. Freaks my kids out every time it happens. Thankfully bad aim!

        • Casey says

          Also, ne’er-do-wells who shit into bags then toss them from passing cars at old folks and immigrants (yeah, my high school friends were douchebags).

          And that guy who yelled “FAGGOT~!” as he speeded down the street past my friend which rendered him in shock and asking “how did he know!?” *sigh* OTL

          AND this really, really old ephebophile of a museum curator who kept feeling up said friend when he was visiting a recreation of a Viking village during his trip to Iceland.

      • Jaynie says

        actually I think that one is illegal in a lot of places (I know it is where I live because there could easily be shards of ice in the water in spring) but it’s one of those laws that nobody ever acts on.

        Speaking of driving, I’d like to add people who think that talking on their cell phones doesn’t distract them, despite the very solid evidence that yes, it does. It distracts them so much they don’t even notice that they’re swerving all over the road.

        Also, the numerous people who are inconsiderate enough to drive through an intersection when the traffic is backed up enough that they will be blocking either the crosswalk or the intersection itself, thereby either forcing walkers to dart into traffic or backing up traffic in yet another direction. Also illegal, but that didn’t stop the police officer I encountered doing this yesterday.

  14. Jaynie says

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned Glenn Beck, who makes a living lying to people and being a shill for big business, and working himself up into racist, sexist, rages.

    The lovely folks at the discovery institute who mislead people into believing pseudoscience, which has the indirect result of lowering critical thinking at a time when it is increasingly necessary. As well as Ken Ham, the odious little toad who owns the creation museum and the up-and-coming Noah’s ark exhibit, the latter of which involved lying to Kentucky’s gov’t in order to get state funding.

    Global warming deniers are pretty shameful too.

    • Attackfish says

      I think it’s highly likely that Glen Beck is severely mentally ill, and honestly believes what he’s saying, and therefore, I feel sorry for him, because he lives in that horrible world he talks about and is probably terrified all the time. I feel the same about Michelle Bachman. Now the people behind them, spoon-feeding their ravings to the public for profit, yeah. They deserve to be flayed alive.

      • Jaynie says

        I would feel more sad for Glenn Beck if he wasn’t so influential amongst certain groups. It’s kind of like how I feel sad when I hear stories of how senile Reagan was when he was in power, but it doesn’t negate the fact that…the most powerful man in the world was not functioning at the mental capacity required to deal with that job. (I’m a bit worried about the phrasing of that coming across as ableist, so I want to stress that I’m in no way implying that all mentally disabled people are incapable, because that’s absolutely and emphatically not the case, but rather that dementia specifically is not a disability that can be “worked around” when you’re the president.) I guess I feel sad for them on a personal level but ashamed on a societal level that they have/had such great influence. But you’re right, that is the people behind them, rather than the individuals themselves. Thank you for helping me make the distinction! 😀

    • says

      Actually, global warming is a theory with flaws, and I remain unconvinced on purely scientific grounds (plus, lots of evidence that the earth has always had variances in temperature, long before industrialization).

      BUT. And this is a big BUT. I thought polluting and wasting the world sucked viciously long before anyone suggested global warming might be a result. No one should need GWT to convince them that we are obligated to do better by the ecology and by our fellow humans in oh so many ways.

      So, for the list, how about: people who don’t think pollution and wasting of resources is anything we need concern ourselves with?

      • Jaynie says

        I tend to think of global warming deniers and global warming skeptics as different categories of people. Skeptics (such as yourself) consider the actual science etc etc. I tend to disagree with GW skeptics based on my own understanding of the science, but this is still approaching the issue rationally and provokes sensible argument and important further research :). Global warming deniers, OTOH, are people who refuse to consider that it might even possibly be an issue regardless of what the science says (often people who have no understanding of science at all anyway, and commit the “it is cold out today, therefore global warming can’t be real because I don’t know the difference between weather and climate” fallacy). I think the wasteful, self-centered people you describe tend to be a subset of that sort of thinking.

        I do agree with you re: wastefulness, by the way. I don’t understand why people would *want* to waste resources and destroy large swaths of the planet even if it didn’t have GW implications, especially since people tend to be *happier* when they switch to green living (it’s amazing what pedestrian-only streets can do for the mood of a city). Except that I do, because of course it is easier not to change and to swallow the Fox propaganda from oil companies, etc than to take action. :S

        • says

          Okay, I see where you were coming from on the word choice now. :)

          I don’t get the waste thing, either. Some people talk as if nothing brings them more pride than to point at a large chunk of nature and say, “I destroyed that one afternoon because I was bored” – and they expect me to understand why that would be pleasurable. And I honestly just don’t get it. I want stuff and I’m lazy – it’s not like I’m some paragon of Vulcan values. But I honestly just don’t get how ruinously consuming the world a bit at a time is fun.

  15. Dani says

    Hollywood: for their awful portrayal of women, for the whitewashing of recent films like “The Last Airbender”, “Akira”, and “The Hunger Games” (and what that says about the overarching discrimination towards actors who aren’t white).
    I could go on, but I don’t think this post would ever end if I did.

  16. youll never guess says

    The jerks who abuse their sons to “toughen them up” and “make him a man”. (Actually anyone who abuses children in genneral.)

    People who tell girls not to go out at night, but don’t bother to give them self defence lessons.

    People who tell boys and men they are weak if they cry, or show emotion other than anger.

    Employers who don’t enforce sexual harassment rules/laws (looking at you US miliitary)

    School administrators who deny students the right to free speech

    Anyone who takes access to medical care, away from anyone.

    People who keep their dogs chained up in the yard all year long.

    People who automatically treat my grandparents like they are senile or stupid just because they are old, even though they are perfectly functional adults.

    People who insist all feminists are lesbians, ugly, etc.

    People who say she only got the job because of her breasts.

    People who excuse the wage gap because women “might get pregnant”, or take care of their families when they should be at work.

    People who do this: *trigger warning, it’s an unrecognised type of rape blaming*;_ylt=AvRR58iEx2ac_pC1UlV9CmLty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110212070858AAlf6K8

    People who insist that teens should only use abstinance for birth control because it’s “100% effective, and easy to use”. (Even though abstinance fails 60% of the time, and even adults can’t manage it consistantly.)

    • Attackfish says

      Speaking of self defense, the people who say “Well, she should have known self-defense” or treat self defense like the holy grail of rape prevention, ignoring acquaintance rape completely and disclaiming any responsibility for making our streets safer for non hetero cis able-bodied men.

      (I know this isn’t you, you just reminded me of it, sorry.)

  17. youll never guess says

    People who “protect” children and women, by taking away their basic rights. (Eg. Protect kids from pregnancy and std’s by taking away comprehensive sex ed)

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