Pink gets it

A friend of mine tipped me off to the latest Pink video “Stupid Girls”, which you can watch at YouTube. There’s a great review of it on VH1’s site.

Basically, Pink is making fun of the whole obsession Hollywood starlets have with… well, themselves. The plastic surgery, the barfing to stay trim, the self-involvement that precludes any kind of awareness of the others they affect. The VH1 article names Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Mary-Kate Olsen and Lindsay Lohan as some of the people she’s lampooning. It’s the rest of the video that really grabbed me.

The premise is an angel and a devil trying to convince a little girl whether to focus on being herself or on constantly re-inventing herself. In one memorable scene, Pink’s out on a date with a guy who becomes mesmerized with another girl’s enormous fake boobs. So she pulls a sort of parachute rip cord under her arm, and under her shirt, her boobs inflate to basketball proportions, and she recaptures the guy’s attention. She considers breast implants, gets a ridiculous orange spray tan, and experiments with bulimia, but never manages to make herself throw up. (Have you ever tried to do that? I did once, when I thought I’d eaten something toxic, so I literally couldn’t do it to save my own life.)

In the end, the little girl in the video goes off to play football instead of Barbie. Is Pink’s message that little girls should do boy things? Not at all.

“There’s a certain thing the world is being fed,” Pink said, “and my point is there should be a choice.”

Absolutely, and not just for girls.


  1. Jenchol says

    This was the first video clip I saw of Pink’s new album, and by far “I’m Not Dead” is her best record yet because she’s just so self-defiant.

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