PoC Carnival! YAY!

“Got brown?”

This month’s theme focuses on the role PoC characters have in the products of our fandom — as accessories, as absences, and as convenient plot devices. This issue of absence is particularly important — what does it do to fic to have the “real” experiences of PoC constantly referred to but never there? What does it mean that series like Xmen or HP draw on specific histories of race and violence, but do this without themselves referring to racism or anti-Semitism in text? Here, we’re focusing will be on science-fiction and fantasy, speculative fiction, and other types of mediated imagery, including webcomics and movies.

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    I’m currently reading Joseph Marshall III’s on-line novel The Archer (@ http://www.thunderdreamers.com/). As Marshall says in an interview hosted on his site, the Lakota culture is a vibrant, alive culture today and he’s an Indian writing about Indians thriving in the future. I’m really glad to be reading this as Indians in sci-fi/speculative fiction are written as others, but not in Marshall’s ‘The Archer’!


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