Reaction: Fringe (4×01)

I’ve decided to post here about Fringe, too, but because it’s on opposite Supernatural, I can’t do both in one night. Fringe is available next day through my cable subscription, therefore it gets bumped in viewing…

When last we saw our Fringe characters, they were meeting up with the Red side and declaring a ceasefire in the war between the universes. Oh, and Peter, as he was supposed to have died as a child, disappeared from existence and memory in both universes.

OR DID HE? I think I was most startled by that first flash of him.

I miss Peter, while at the same time am kind of bothered that yet again the universe revolves around a white dude. Literally in this case. Heh. That’s always lingered at the back of my mind about Fringe – because it’s actually NOT all about Peter, but it often comes across that way. I’m not complaining; I love Peter, and like I said, I miss him.

I’m not sure how I’m liking this Bridge idea. It’ll take some getting used to, both sides not exactly working together, but no longer in an all-out war. There are definite differences to all the characters in this fixed timeline – even Fauxlivia was different without having known Peter – which demonstrates how one little life can impact so many others.

I’m terribly confused at how the timeline could have come out so close to what we knew without Peter’s influence, though. I guess I should be comforted that with or without him, some things are the same (but different), but it doesn’t quite make sense to me. Shouldn’t the variances have been much greater, given the whole universe-crossing happened as a direct result of Walter nabbing the Alt!Peter? What was the war about in this timeline? How did the machine work? Gah.

Also, shouldn’t the opening credits be purple instead of orange? 😉

There were quite a few anvils tossed around that there’s some subconscious feelings that not all is as it should be, most of them delivered by Walter, who seems harder without Peter, more abrasive. He was always blunt, but that’s not what I mean. And reclusive, back afraid of the world again (though this is new since the Red Side and they started working together, right?). It’s like the anvil delivered by Olivia: there’s been nothing to tether him to this world. He needs Peter to be his normal “kooky” and adventurous self. Anyway, it makes sense that he feels it most keenly, though I think Olivia, too, is pretty impacted by not having Peter. What with the OTPness of their relationship and all, you know.

In a way, it’s pretty nice to see her being all capable and awesome all on her own, though she also seems sad.

Good to see Link over on “our” side. I like him, but part of me screams, “You can’t replace Peter!” Hehe.

Not enough Broyles in this timeline. There’s probably never going to be enough Broyles for me.

It was great to see Astrid getting to go out in the field. Poor woman with that whole anus check thing, though.

I wonder what’s up with the Observer not fulfilling his duty to erase Peter from time. I’m glad for it, but he’s going to get in so much trouble. He seems to have some kind of affection for these people, in a detached Observer kind of way. Or, perhaps he’s privy to a bigger picture we will only see as the season unfolds.

I really, really, really hope we don’t drag the “where’s Peter?” thing out too long. I started losing interest with the whole Red/Blue episode alternating last year.


  1. Azzy says

    “Shouldn’t the variances have been much greater, given the whole universe-crossing happened as a direct result of Walter nabbing the Alt!Peter?”
    I think what happened was that in the revised timeline, Alt!Peter died after falling through the ice into the lake*. So Walter’s bitter line about people sometimes dying twice is put into awful, awful perspective. And Walternate has double the reason to hate Walter, since he didn’t even SAVE Peter, despite nabbing him.

    *It also explains the point of that scene, because we damn well knew Peter was going to live, so it came across as padding.

  2. sbg says


    That does have more impact than just the general acknowledgement of two universes, which is what I took it as. I still wonder if there shouldn’t have been more deviations, though we’ll probably see them.

  3. Robin says

    Also, shouldn’t the opening credits be purple instead of orange?

    I get what you’re saying, but I’m gonna say no. The new gold credits are not only a marked visual contrast to the old red and blue (unless you’re color blind), but they may indicate that, instead of bringing the two universes closer, the events of last season’s finale have actually made them more different and contentious.

    I do like having Lincoln back in “our” universe, and the contrast between slightly-nerdy cop Lincoln who is just learning the ropes of Team Fringe and Agent Lee the well established member of Fringe Division on the other side. Not only does he (and the two Astrids, for that matter) highlight how big an impact small decisions can have, but it gives the actors who play them an opportunity to get into a greater range of emotions, which has to be fun for them.

  4. sbg says


    I was actually just joking ala the color wheel about the orange. I don’t care what color the opening creds are or really think that much about their significance. I’m too lazy. 😉

    Totally agree regarding the merging/shifting/whatevering timeline giving all the actors (but most especially for those with non-main status) room to stretch a bit and not get stuck in those static roles.

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