Reaction: Fringe (4×03)

You know, for most of this episode I couldn’t shake the feeling that the guest twelve-year-old boy was the same kid I’d just seen on Supernatural last night. It was totally bugging me, because how weird would that have been? A: not very, as Spot the Vancouver Actor is a drinking game for a reason. I just made that up, btw, please no fact checking. 😉

Solid episode yet again. It’s quite a relief to have Fringe, because they almost always deliver for me. I loved the beginning with Walter talking to his case manager, and the bits of exposition are always handled in a way that doesn’t make them obtrusive. You know, the small talk with the psychiatrist, the conversation and connection Walter had with Aaron. I love that in this new timeline, we get a little more of the Walter that broke my heart so often in the first season or two – the less manic and more hopelessly broken thing that John Noble plays SO WELL.

Loved Olivia and Lincoln’s awkward conversation in the beginning and then tying it back to the end in a way that was poignant and light at the same time. LOL, “Okay, I’m freaking out now!” after you’ve just about been consumed by a fungus is funny and I defy anyone to say otherwise. 😉

I love that the only real tangible clue something’s going on with Olivia too is her seemingly covert facial recognition search at the start. We all know who she’s looking for, even if she doesn’t. And again, it comes full circle to the reveal at the end and Walter’s confession about his hallucinations and Olivia’s confession that he’s not the only one who’s seeing Peter. How very interesting that Peter is showing up to Walter during waking hours and Olivia in dreams. I know there’s significance there, but I’m not sure what. Or, perhaps it’s just for the dramatic effect of Walter succumbing to his madness.

Have I mentioned how awesome Olivia is? The whole cast is, really. I think Astrid wins this week for distilling Walter’s ranting and raving answer to Broyles’ apparently ridiculous query to, “Walter doesn’t have any theories.” I LOLed.

Whatever is going on with Fringe, I want to know more and I want them to find Peter soon.

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