Reaction: Fringe (4×04)

This post is way late because I was distracted by chickens in my yard this afternoon. Very calm, very alien chickens. Okay, not really, they were my neighbor’s and they got spooked far away from their usual roosts. Why am I telling you this? Fringe!

I am starting to really look forward to what music is going to be playing in Walter’s lab. I know that’s nothing new, but for some reason it’s really pinging for me this year.

I’m loving how the reset has subtly changed relationships. Olivia and Walter have always been pretty tight, but in this timeline she seems much more comfortable and hands on with him. Very father/daughter. Lack of Peter helped, I’m sure, but that she had no side effects from the cortexiphan experiments could also be a big factor. That baggage doesn’t seem present, even though she hinted that the experience wasn’t a good one – she ran away, escaped it.

Interesting how Walter sees Nina as a much more obvious villain in this timeline. Frankly, I don’t think she’s ever been trustworthy. We haven’t seen much of her yet this season, but I hope that changes. Interesting that Nina seems to have a much more intimate history with Nina as well. Hmmmm.

Continue to love Astrid’s translations of Walter’s rants. And her annoyance at being called Claire (which actually just highlighted out out of sorts Walter is at that point).

Have I mentioned that I love how this show passes Bechdel Test consistently? &hearts, &rainbows

As is always the case with Fringe, there is just too much going on to adequately review it. Walter finding the evaluation letter and freaking out, the fact that he’s clearly not as well as he was in the Peter timeline, the big ball of energy going for Olivia (who didn’t at least think that was Peter at the first sighting?), poor Mark Little (tangentially, he was very appealing) who was experimented on and who attracts metal when he’s full of anxiety. Everything’s important, but sometimes I’m just not quick enough to distill it.

What cures a mysophobia attack? Root beer floats.

Did the electricity ever come back on in Olivia’s hotel room? Was it significant that it wasn’t working?

I hope we find out how Peter accomplished the energy bubble surges (or whatever!). I figure he spent a LOT of time trying to determine how to make contact or get out of his plane. I admit it was a leetle cheesy the way Mark Little dispersed Peter’s energy the first time. Hey, even the best shows can’t avoid cheese entirely.

I love, love, love that Peter sprang forth naked from the same lake that took his life as a child. How appropriate, and how very Fringe. And how heartbreaking that Peter has spent all this time trying to get back to the people he cares about, only to find out the people he loves do not have the first flipping clue who he is. Oh, and was that our Observer observing Peter’s return, or one of his cronies who will now have some words with him?

As is always the case with Fringe again, I can’t wait to see how they’re going to handle this. But no new episode next week? WHY FOX, WHY? *shakes fist*


  1. Azzy says

    The first time the ball of energy appeared, I was convinced it was Peter. Then they introduced the Mark Little plotpoint, and I actually started to doubt myself. At no point was I frustrated with the characters, thinking “oh come on, it’s Peter, you boneheads!”, which really does credit to the show. They introduced a red herring that I didn’t immediately see through!

    Also, I like how Astrid is more hands-on in Peter’s absence. She does more fieldwork. Personally, I like this change, because we’ve seen enough of her in the lab (not that her scenes in the lab wasn’t great!)

    I kinda hope that the timeline doesn’t get reset to the old one, because this new timeline has a lot of potential for storylines (and also because Alt!Broyles is alive, but that’s for more *ahem* shallow reasons). And I don’t think Fringe will hit the reset button, because it’s not that kind of show. So yeah, loving it more with each episode (especially since Peter is back! Yay!)

  2. sbg says


    Yeah, I definitely wasn’t faulting Walter or Olivia for not connecting the dots. Who’s honestly going to think, “I’ll bet it’s that weird man I see in reflective surfaces and/or in dreams.”?? No one.

    Totally concur about Alt!Broyles. Man looks fine in a T-shirt and cargo pants.

    Not expecting a reset button at all. I’m bitter about baseball preemption next week. Don’t all sports have their own channels?

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