Reaction: Fringe (4×05)

Fringe! Thank goodness stupid baseball is over. 😉

Interesting title choice, and appropriate. I’d have gone with “Oh Break My Heart, Why Don’t You?”

I am loving Peter’s reintroduction, but it hurts to see the characters like this now that he’s back. I wasn’t expecting a quick fix, no, and wouldn’t have liked that anyway. But Walter had me in tears multiple times this episode, and Olivia seems so lonely. Some lovely, horrible character moments here.

That soft expression Joshua Jackson manages when Peter’s talking to Walter has always made me wibble. For a second there, I thought everything was going to be fine, that Walter could forgive himself and welcome new Peter into his life. When he walked out of that room, poor Peter.

I like Lincoln. I do not like Olivia asking him out. I’m never one for OTPs, or wasn’t. Now I want her to figure out why Peter appeared to her despite not having a blood link. It’s not brain surgery, Olivia. Put it together. (Which will be awkward, actually.)

I’m also a bit irritated that she didn’t figure the FBI guy on the roof as a shapeshifter. The second he showed up, I was all, “HE’S THE SHAPESHIFTER!” Okay, maybe I’m not irritated with Olivia – this is a newish thing for them, and apparently Lincoln’s the one who’s been doing the legwork, but this was a Very Obvious Maneuver, for Fringe. That was the disappointing bit. Fringe usually surprises me more.

No Astrid at all this episode. :(

Who are these new shapeshifters, and who’s behind them? Is Walternate not as peace-loving as everyone think? My curiosity is piqued, so that’s something. I feel bad for that Malcolm guy – he really thought he was doing the right thing, and it turns out he opened the door for a big time problem for our world. Er, the world Fringe proper currently resides in. Alternate universes give me a headache.

I do like that the “lead” shapeshifter resets to a woman, and a WOC at that. Unfortunately, that means she will one day expire, but she’s far more interesting than if they’d gone with a standard white guy in a suit.


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    See, with Olivia, I figured part of it was that she hasn’t fully explored the Cortexiphan effects yet in this continuity, and might not be as open to acknowledging “weird things with my brain” period, let alone that might be personally significant or be a psychic link with a stranger who’s established himself as from yet another parallel universe. Also general genre blindness– I mean, I seriously doubt anyone in-show has read the Chrestomanci novels.

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