Reaction: Fringe (4×06)

You’re a stranger. What would I feel?


Fringe, you kill me every week.

The main case/story was a tad cliched, but tried and true for tugging at the heartstrings. You know, Person A loses Person B to debilitating illness and does anything in his/her power to fix it. I credit Stephen Root and Romy Rosemont for really making the audience connect to that age old het love story.

It makes you wonder what Peter will do to fix his own age old het love story.

The time bubbles and Fibonacci spirals were pretty intriguing, though it always amuses me when these kinds of things are always represented on TV like a regular ol’ soap bubble. 😉

Walter’s complete refusal to acknowledge Peter was heartbreaking yet again, but throughout the episode, you could see the wall crumbling a bit, culminating in a begrudging pride at how smart Peter is. Aw, Walter. I can’t blame him, and since everyone is concluding that this isn’t Peter’s universe (I’m not so sure, because if Peter was stricken from existence, would he have a universe?), it’s in Walter’s best self-preserving interest to not get close. It’d break him all over again to let Peter in only to lose him.

:( Olivia and Peter’s conversation about the dreams might as well have split me in two. I, personally, think her response was defensive distancing, in a less direct way than Walter’s doing. I think the dreams did make her feel something and it terrifies her that Peter might know that. Or, here’s hoping anyway. I like this Olivia, but I don’t like how distant she seems. Competent and awesome at her job, but not quite human, if that makes sense, except for with Walter, which is d’awww. And the conversation at the end, with her telling Peter she hopes he can get back to his Olivia someday… BUT WHAT IF SHE IS HIS OLIVIA? It’s like she was preemtive striking that. See above about understanding that.

Not enough Astrid again, though Walter calling her by her actual name was !!! and kind of nice. LOL, but he looked like he was embarrassed to have slipped up like that.

That poor agent who turned to confetti – he was pretty much the only other PoC to make an appearance outside of Astrid and Broyles (droooool), wasn’t he? Shame.

Thoughts about Fringe so far this season, anyone?


  1. Shay J says

    I’m really enjoying this season. I think the only thing I might knock on it for is the lack of Over There; but these new configurations are so intriguing. Although, I don’t know how I feel if this isn’t his universe. Like Peter, I thought he only need to reset it and maybe integrate himself into the timeline. The only reason I think he might be wrong and this is his universe and his Olivia and his Walter is the fact that The Observer was watching him…unless The Observer is also in this alternate timeline/new universe/parallel reality/whatever.

  2. sbg says

    Shay J,

    I can actually understand the lack of Over There – there isn’t quite the same tension as there was before. I wonder if, though, these ramifications of Peter returning will eventually start making themselves known Over There as well, because the guy was a man of two universes. Kind of. You know.

    I think none of them can know what his presence or lack of presence had on any of the universe/timelines, so they probably think it’s absolutely possible and maybe even probable there’s a place he’s supposed to be other than where he is. And their adamant belief is probably making Peter doubt he’s where he needs to be.

    It makes my head spin.

  3. The Other Anne says

    I enjoy the lack of Over There. I never really liked it that much. I’d been invested for two seasons in Our characters, so being introduced to so many new ones for entire episodes was very distancing for me. I like the working together aspect they can do now, but I’m not as connected to Fauxlivia as i am to Realivia, and everyone else. I LIKE the juxtaposition between them all, especially between Walternate and Walter, though. So I like the existence of it, just not TOO much of it. If that makes sense. Which is also weird, because I like Other Side’s other character in This World, that new white boy character, well enough. I would like him more if he and his Other (who will, confusingly, always seem like his original even though he’s from Over There) weren’t typical white boy people. It would’ve been a good opportunity to further diversify instead of cementing the majority of characters as white.

  4. Azzy says


    That would be awesome! Especially since Astrid seems to be a bit more active in this new timeline, so an episode with her wouldn’t necessarily be all about staying in the lab with Walter all day long.

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