Reaction: Fringe (4×07)

I can’t believe this is the last Fringe episode until January. What, am I the only person in the world whose life is so sad she enjoys new shows during the holiday season? :(

Anna Torv did a great job with “migraine face” in the beginning. She looks exactly how I feel, and it always amazes me that no one realizes I’m in major pain unless I cop to being in major pain. It would seem obvious to me, based on what Olivia looked like here. Before she reached for the pills and her face was blurry, I could tell. Nice work, there.

Poor Eugene (U Gene?). I mean, he’s definitely a murderer, but his story was heartbreaking and you can understand why he was doing what he was doing. And then when he was finally seen, he could die … happy isn’t the word, but fulfilled, maybe.

Peter: That’s not my Olivia.

Peter giving Lincoln new glasses was sweet and sad at the same time, because it means he’s sure he’s not where he’s supposed to be and won’t connect with this Olivia. Yet he wants her to be happy, and, being Peter, he can see that Olivia and Lincoln have a little something. I’m not sure how that makes me feel. :/

I want him to figure out the machine will not get him home.

I enjoyed the Nina Bubble bursting a bit for Olivia. Then unfortunately restored – unfortunate because it’s none other than Nina who his responsible for Olivia’s migraines. She must be injecting Cortexiphan into her, still? I knew this Mary Sunshine Nina couldn’t be all there was to her. It’s particularly disturbing, since in this universe, she is a parental figure to Olivia.

Walter’s mice were John and Yoko. Tee hee. Not enough Walter or Astrid (I know, broken record for the latter. I just like Astrid, okay?) this episode.

The teaser for the rest of the season makes me anticipate what Fringe has cooked up for us!


  1. Azzy says

    Oh, poor Eugene. He made me so sad.

    But I found his fixation with being seen fascinating. It was clear that his childhood in the lab was a very dehumanizing one. Even his speech patterns, very clipped and precise, reflected that.

    Also, I couldn’t help comparing Eugene with John McClellan from the second episode, who was prevented from becoming a serial killer because of a woman’s empathy and acceptance. Eugene, too, might not have resorted to murder if there had been someone who cared about him and taught him empathy. Eugene and John McClellan from Over There are both serial killers, but they became so because of the patterns of abuse and neglect in their lives.

    When Julia finally spoke to Eugene, saying she’d seen him every day, it was more than a validation for his crush, it was probably the first time Eugene had ever felt human. Someone saw him! Someone chatted about the weather with him, and cared if he got sick or not! You could see on his face what a novelty that was for him, and it was heartbreaking. Things most of us take for granted, and Eugene experienced them only moments before death.

    That being said, I think both episodes (and the one just before this one) are meant to tie in with the theme for the season, i.e. the impact a person can make in someone’s life. We see this with how bad Walter’s condition remained in this timeline, where he didn’t have Peter, and with Olivia, who is lonely and disconnected.

    Also, in a slight tangent, I hope Walter’s cute little octopus will be sticking around. Apparently, Walter might have understated how intelligent octopodes are, because I ran across an article the other day which left me quite frankly amazed (“Inside the mind of the octopus” by Sy Montgomery. Google it, it’s fascinating stuff).

  2. sbg says


    Quite a few of the cases (if not all) have some bearing on the overall arc. What I love about Fringe is that they do this without dropping the “see what we’re doing here, audience?” anvils some shows that happen to air at the exact same time on a different channel here in the States do…

  3. Azzy says


    Aww, that’s just adorable*. An octopus out for a stroll! I think the running commentary is my favorite part, though. “Where are you going, dood?!” cracked me up.

    *I don’t think “adorable” is a word usually applied to mollusks, though.

  4. sbg says


    Re: commentary –

    I got a little distressed just now because one of the most thumbed up comments is “muted because of the annoying bitches.” I know, YouTube is a bastion for assholes, but it still makes me sad how predictably people present their assholish behavior on some online venues.

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