Reaction: Fringe (4×08)

Shows like Fringe are worth an aggravating two month hiatus. Shows like Fringe are also the kind that a two month hiatus can damage. The storytelling is very dense and, having to wait that long between episodes, made me spend much of this first one of the next bank of episodes (for, lo, there will be more hiatuses) kind of trying to remember where we were. The tiny synopsis at the beginning doesn’t always help so much. Maybe it’s just because I’m a moron. Who knows?

Long story short: More people need to watch this show, and breaking up episodes for long periods of time does not help Fringe at all. They’ve already got Friday night death slot. I mean – I watch Supernatural live, but only because I can get Fringe through my cable on demand.

/rant over

Aw, the beginning dream sequence. Can’t blame Peter for that, because even the tiny little glimpse of his remembered family was pretty heartbreaking. Knew it couldn’t last, and it brought with it Peter on a mission. Now, I get where he’s coming from. He wants to get home. But the singleminded pursuit of it is less than flattering from a character standpoint. I know Peter started out as a mercenary of sorts, a guy who would do whatever the highest bidder would pay. It seems as if he’s reverting to that a bit, everything serving his own interests rather than his own pocketbook. It’s understandable, as I said, but it’s also understandable how those around him see that the good of the many outweigh the good of the one.

Regular Walter just about broke my heart, because his unwillingness to help Peter is pretty damned noble for a crazy man. He’s already destroyed worlds; he does not want to do it again.

Did they really think they could just step across to the Other Side without getting caught, and getting caught quickly? At least someone besides Olivia gets to have convos with her double. Knowing that Faux!Livia was over there helped me not protest Olivia being left behind. On most shows, I’d have been all “what, the little woman has to be the one to stay behind?!” It was also pretty obvious that they weren’t going just to help Peter. 😉

I love how Peter’s mother recognizes him almost immediately, despite the fact he’s just broken into her house and she thinks he’s gonna kill her. Not only does she win for that, but she’s generally awesome. It’s easy to see how this version of her didn’t kill herself. Not that other versions lacked her strength of character. Hmm, I’m not sure I should keep going there.

I also love how Walternate is not quite the black and white villain to which we are used. (I LOLed at his “remember, I’m a (generic) scientist, I can handle this myself”. Ah, those do-all, catch-all scientists TV shows love to write. Quite a lovely surprise to realize that Walternate is not quite the black and white bad guy he used to be, or is still perceived as by our side.

Have to admit, I did not expect Dr. Fayette to be a shapeshifter. But then, it’s not like we’ve seen much of the Other Side.

Sooo, Alt!Broyles knows about the shapeshifters? What exactly is to be gained, inserting them in both universes? I thought for a bit there was a third timeline we were going to be introduced to.

Eeee, the Observer’s shot. How is that possible? Was he punished for not obliterating Peter completely from the timeline? What does he mean, Olivia has to die?! Damn you, Fringe.


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    I was all upset with him telling Olivia that she had to die. The way that they treated her last season actually made me believe that this could be a possibility. I think the character deserves better than that. I love this show but I agree…having a hiatus that long is a show killer.

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