Reaction: Fringe (4×09)

Fringe time! Well, a day late because I have been so out of sorts all week I completely forgot about it last night. :/ Then I figured I always post a day late, trala!

ACK, ShapeshifterAlt!Broyles was gonna … did he manage to … but I like Lincoln, so he’d better not have eventually got there off screen or something. Of course, I realize I probably just fated him to death. Honestly, though, I don’t know how any of them can talk to anyone and be 100% certain they’re talking to whom they think they are. Did they implement testing and I missed it somewhere? Because they should get on that.

Jones is a nasty, nasty piece of work but I totally did LOL at the “take me to your leader”. Cute, Fringe writers, cute.

(I watched this through my cable’s on demand, and during a commercial break they did little Q/A. SO lovely to hear John Noble with his actual accent. I love hearing people’s true voices. It’s a reminder of how good they really are. It’s probably from some time ago, but I also loved that Joshua Jackson said he’d like to see an Astrid episode. Annnnyway.)

SS!Alt!Broyles is really creepy. Smoking hot, but creeeepy.

I said it last week, and I’ll say it again: Elizabeth Bishop is amazing. I adored her reasoning with Walter, and of course, Walter being so close to how season one Walter was that whole scene just about broke my heart.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Astrid in any universe is awesome. Not nearly enough of her this year. I do wonder what she’s going to find from that blood sample Oliva gave her.

I enjoy this version of Faux!Livia. Actually, I liked the original Faux too, but, you know, issues.

Hooray, the sides are actually working together. This seems a good reason for The Observer to have not erased Peter completely.

Did I detect some almost “our” Peter/Olivia interaction there, just before we got some almost “our” Peter/Walter interaction. The Peter/Walter bits have always, always been one of my favorite things about this show. They balance each other a bit, I think. That last scene of theirs made me so, so happy.

And then Fringe Fringed.



  1. Azzy says

    I also like the two sides working together. It’s the coolest part of this season.

    Also, did not expect Jones. To be honest, I hated the guy the first time around. He just annoyed me, with his stupid smug face. I was kind of bummed to see him again, buuut… I think he works better this time around. The first time, he was like a hindrance the scriptwriters threw in just so they’d have something for the characters to do. This time he just seems more… I don’t know, interesting? relevant as a villain? More something.

    Also, I LOL’d at Alt!Astrid giving Peter that wide-eyed look, “Are you really from an alternate timeline?…Cool”, like she was a kid faced with an amazing new video game or something. Is it just me, or is Alt!Astrid just cheek-pinchingly adorable?

  2. sbg says


    I want them to figure out how Jones manages to stay ahead of them. I mean, that’s a group of pretty intelligent folk, so it should be very hard for even a super genius to outwit all of them. Someone’s gotta notice Alt!Broyles is on the wrong side of this battle, right? Right? Or Walternate’s got to improve his shapeshifter killer so that if a regular person is shot, they don’t die. And then shoot everyone to see who falls. 😉

    Alt!Astrid is adorable. She seems very emotionally distant, detached. Somehow this just makes her cuter.

  3. Azzy says

    Even with Nina’s help, how much ahead can Jones stay? I mean, even Nina can only have access to so much information. Especially during a fast-paced episode, where things are happening quickly. I don’t know if Nina’s involvement will be that important this early on. I think she’s not going to be really involved-involved until the final part of the season.

  4. Azzy says


    Oh, right. Huh, I don’t know how I managed to misunderstand that.

    Anyway, hopefully Peter throws enough of a wrench in Jones’ plans to keep things interesting.

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