Reaction: Fringe (4×12)

Is it just me, or is there something super extra erotic about sex scenes that are silent except the rustle of sheets and that don’t show much but the soft, slow movements and intertwined fingers and legs and … oh, to be Olivia and wake from a dream like that. 😉

Okay, so it had to have been full-on disconcerting for her as well, especially when her phone rang and it was Peter, and with what happened through the course of the episode.

“What’s up?”
“I am.”

Bwhahaha. That was so on purpose.

The case this week was riveting, despite being given away by the “previously on”. I get the point of the “previously on”s, but often times I find they kind of suck the surprise out of an episode. Still, like I said, best case for several weeks now. Very X-Files lite, weird but not super weird (knowing what we know about the different universes and having seen merges and destruction before). Not enough Astrid, but I suspect we’ll have to hold on to the plenty we got of her/them for a bit. Kind of like how Lincoln has been pretty AWOL lately.

I love what’s going on with Olivia, because I love Olivia and because I love it when the Fringe writers give Anna Torv meaty stuff to work with. Yeah, which is pretty much 90% of the time, but you know what I mean. I wonder if it’s the stuff Nina is doing to her, if it’s Peter’s memories she’s actually experiencing or a combination of both. For a minute (okay, and maybe still a little bit now), I hoped it was evidence that this Olivia is the Olivia Peter is trying to get back to. I am not usually such a shipper (well, with pairings that have a shot canonically – most of my OTPs are too “risky” for primetime network), but I confess to really liking the Olivia/Peter pairing and I love their scenes – back in the original timeline and in this one. In any of them. The actors have a nice chemistry.

You know, certain other shows that air at the exact same time (in the States) as Fringe have claimed that they want a return to the roots of their story. I’m not sure if Fringe had it in mind at all, but where the other show isn’t quite getting it, Fringe is. We’re seeing new interactions that are becoming more and more like what we were used to, in Walter/Peter and Olivia/Peter. Walter/Peter, especially, is starting to remind me of S1, and that’s a good thing because it’s coming about so naturally. At the heart of it, they are still them, in any universe, and this demonstrates it beautifully.

Thank you, Alt!Astrid for suggesting to Walter that he open up and try to love this Peter as if he were his own, though I can already tell it’s going to break his heart in the end.

Also, I love that John Noble and Joshua Jackson are both southpaws.


  1. Azzy says

    There were parts of this episode that scared the shit out of me. Not just the jumpscares, like the double-faced guy on the bus (though he freaked me out too, but because I find body horror extremely squicky), but the scene at the diner with the guy forgetting Walter, too. There was something just creepy about it, because he was THERE the whole time, and how the fuck do you just forget the person you’ve had a conversation with moments before?

    Still, I think this was maybe one of my favorite episodes in a while. Oh, there was something just adorable about the scene where Walter is drawing Olivia’s blood and trying to reassure himself that Olivia isn’t infected with some horrible mind-altering virus. Also liked the Peter/Walter dynamic this episode. You’re right, it really did seem like the show was returning to its roots!

  2. sbg says


    Yes! The diner scene really had me on edge. John Noble and the guest actor – recognized him, can’t recall his name – did a great job with that., and you could totally read Walter’s uncertainty of the situation. Was he losing it, or was something not right happening? And the guy’s eyes were so spooky.

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