Reaction: Fringe (4×13)

I have this routine on Saturday. Chores and errands first, then Fringe. Sometimes, chores get very sloppily done. 😉

Not much to say about the case of the week. To be honest, I lost the thread of it somewhere along the way to focus on the character bits. I adored the revelation and exploration of Olivia’s … what do you even call what has been happening to her? We don’t know yet for sure what it is, but the juxtaposition of her flashes and the poor institutionalized boy was super on point and effective. That much I can say for it.

While Walter’s reaction to thinking it was Peter projecting onto Olivia was a tad harsh (if it had ended up being Peter, it wasn’t like he was doing it on purpose), it was understandable. Walter’s break in this timeline has made him uber conscientious about right and wrong, moreso than the version we were used to. Still, I kind of wanted to give Peter a hug, because it was a little bit of a return to how mean Walter was about him to start with – after last week’s buddiness, it stung.

I still don’t know if this Olivia is Peter’s Olivia, but hearing him say he knew … oh, Peter. I love, love, love that they actually brought up Peter’s betrayal of our Olivia. I like it when a character actually learns, and Peter’s hesitation and disconcertion throughout, until that point where he was sure, was very appropriate and well played. I wanted them to not have Peter just leap right on in, and you could see his relief click into place when Olivia referenced the C4 at the storage facility, something he didn’t know. I think it was then he started to believe Olivia was his.

So, of course, Fringe has to Fringe it up right after that moment. I swear. “I just gotta go pee” had better not be the last words Olivia says to Peter. 😉

This is soooo embarrassing to admit, considering how a few weeks ago I commented about how I wondered how any of them could trust anyone around them to be themselves, not shapeshifter versions, but I was honestly surprised to learn Nina wasn’t Nina. Seriously, I’ve grown to love to hate her in the regular timeline, so I didn’t bat an eyelash that this Nina might play the doting sorta!mom to Olivia, while also actually being a total monster. The monster was more believable, based on the Nina we always knew. Yeah, I feel a fool, there.

One last thing: Astrid. I love Astrid. She didn’t have much to do (*sigh* she never has enough time outside that one episode), but her interaction with Institution Boy was golden. I am just so smitten with Astrid.

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