Reaction: Fringe (4×14)

Last Fringe before another hiatus. I’d gripe about hiatuses and their frequency and opine for television days of old, but I think you all already know how I feel on that subject. Hehe.

I don’t really understand why Walter and then Lincoln are so nasty to Peter about apparently projecting his memories onto Olivia, like he could control it. Oh, I know. They love her. They need someone to blame for her disappearance (I have someone: Jones.), and Peter’s right there threatening to take their Olivia away from them. I suppose from their perspective, his unintentional and then perhaps intentional projection is a huge violation. They’re not wrong, but at the same time… Gah. Sticky. I know they don’t really know Peter, but some empathy would have been a nice, subtle touch.

Okay, this may label me a heretic, but recently the Observers have become less intriguing and more hilarious. Their little expository meeting cracked me up rather than made me wonder what the what is up with them. Of course, the only one I’ve ever cared about is September (sob).

I might get quickly bored of the neverending questions re: Jones.

As soon as Broyles entered the interrogation room, I knew the Nina with Olivia was the shifter and the regular Nina had been put back into place. I’m not sure how they did it, unless it’ll be revealed later that both Ninas are evil nasties. Hmmm. And the “hurt the ones she loves” form of coercion was cliche, but it usually works and it did pretty well here. Interestingly, had Peter’s memories not imprinted so fully on Olivia, she would never have “activated” when Peter was brought in to replace Nina as the whipping boy. Does anyone else think it’s possible it was September who helped facilitate Peter’s Olivia memory download into this Olivia, for the express purpose of saving this Olivia’s life?

Astrid: I don’t see anything, but I really have to pee and I don’t want to miss anything.
Walter: I’ve had the same issue for the last ten minutes!

LOLOL. Cute. I *heart* Astrid and Walter.

The “convergence” of Peter and September’s minds was a little … I’m not going to lie, it was cheesy. Oh, Fringe, you can be so awesome. You can also be a giant cheese log. Yes, yes, Peter’s important. I still maintain that while Peter is the central focus, it’s everyone else’s orbiting around him that’s actually important. Poor September, though. It’s like he was stuck in a hole and kept digging and digging, the way most humans do when they make a big mistake. Fixing it only makes it worse. And I really hope that we 1) find out who shot him and 2) that the other Observers retrieved him to save his life. I like September, damn it.

We got lots of female conversation not revolving around men this episode. In watching it a second time, the bit where Not!Nina was relating to Olivia the first time she’d called her Nina instead of Ms. Sharp, it was very clear that Olivia knew in that moment it was Not!Nina and not Nina. (This show is SO hard to talk about sometimes!) I have to speculate that Olivia mentioned needing Peter on purpose, because she is awesome and she, like September, knew the only way she was getting out of this was if Peter were there with her. Haha, never mind, she actually came out and said as much. 😉

Which is why the ending just broke my heart into a million pieces. Peter’s right. Lincoln and Walter were, in their own way, right. But for Olivia it can only be rending and horrible, because she now feels everything our Olivia did. Does. Will again? It’s gotta be like she found the love of her life and he strung her along only to cut the ties completely. Is it for her own good? Yes, because I think this Olivia was actually meant to be with Lincoln (a big part of me wishes that the Fringe writers would have gone for an Olivia/Astrid pairing, though, because seriously – how amazing would that be?). Does it suck? Absolutely. I’m glad Peter wised up, though it was also nice to see how difficult it was for him to make that right call.


  1. says

    Every time people are like, “Peter, what a special snowflake,” I just think “HE’S THE CHRESTOMANCI.” Then I get sad thinking about Diana Wynne Jones. ;_; But then I LOLed at the greenscreen budget CGI and everything was alright.

    And yeah, is Moriarty Jones going to end up being Peter’s son from a future where he actually grew up or something? That’s what I figured; if we’re talking multiple realities and how the future of humanity is going to have the capability to exist outside of time, why on earth (or, you know, off earth) would the multiverse be limited to two worlds, existing parallel to each other in real-time?

    Unless this is specifically “Witch Week,” and Peter’s job is the fuse the splintered realities for/with the Chrestomanci. *shrugs*

    I loved the multiple fakeouts with Nina and not!Nina, though, and how Olivia’s obviously setting up a test was the only way to be sure and get the information she needed– anything sneakier would be OOC for Olivia, and risked an indirect answer at the same time, even though the “Here, fill in a very specific memory” ploy is pretty blatant otherwise. Both (all three? four??) Olivias are observant and self-aware enough to know that’s something they would need to do, but only our Olivia(s?) is/are consistent enough personality-wise for that to be a profitable gamble– which absolutely worked in the context of the episode’s writing. SO FANTASTIC.

    But then of course, I love JJ Abrams and Kurtzman and Orci and the entire cast, but I’m also pretty torn about the hiatus because if it means progress on STXII, I’m all for it. And yet– Friiiiinge. D:

  2. Sakura ShinRa says

    Pointless bit of trivia about this episode for you. If you look closely at the torture device that Nina is hooked up to, it identical to device used by a serial killer in the series Criminal Minds. I think the people in the props department have been engaging in a little theft. LOL

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