Reaction: Fringe (4×15)

I knew it. Also, this song got stuck in my head at some point during this episode. Note: the artist attributed is not correct at all.

I thought this was a decent episode. A weeee bit cheesy with the case being all about love, true love, and this is coming from a total Olivia/Peter shipper. I found the bad guy super creepy, and his logic faulty. I mean, sure, love is great, but it takes a lot of conceit to say that everyone wants and needs it, nay deserves it. I don’t really buy that there’s someone for everyone, but maybe that’s because I don’t have it and never have. Also, golden opportunity to explore slightly less heteronormative love was missed here, not that I ever expected it.

It seems sad to me that Peter and Olivia will remember all of the same things, whereas all these other people of the same universe will not. It’s like they’ve got their own little world, which is … hmm. See above re: true love schmaltz. Clearly, once Walter was able to open up to Peter, there was a definite connection, so no doubt the foundation is there to create something close to what Peter used to know, but it still seems kind of unfair.

And, as always, Walter’s magic science was fun to watch.

There wasn’t enough Astrid or Broyles. :)


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    I think it would be a truer testament to Olivia & Peter’s love for each other to allow her to fall in love with Peter, again, with her memories of this universe intact. Why does she require those memories of the other timeline to love him? Why must she summarily lose the memories of this timeline, and the connections she had made with other people? It seems unfair to everyone involved, except to Peter.

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