Reaction: Fringe (4×16)

Ah, I appreciate that they don’t just let Olivia carry on with work. A nice, realistic touch having her go through psych evals and not actually passing, because, yeah, she’s clearly compromised as far as this timeline knows. However, I sat there thinking, “So she doesn’t remember personal details, does that really have anything to do with her skill as an agent? The Olivia she is becoming was also an agent.”

It didn’t surprise me one bit that they 1) had to call her, 2) she showed up at a scene and joined the case, and 3) the higher-ups figured out that Olivia in any rendition is made of awesome.

Aww, the scene with Walter pulling out a dusty old banker’s box filled with wrapped gifts for all of Peter’s birthdays was so, so sweet. I have to say I love this version of Walter – he’s not quite the same as S1 Walter, but there’s so much of him in there and the scenes he has with Peter are super reminiscent of that. Peter hugging him and then that silent look afterward. *heart melts* And I cop to LOLing at “HUMP” magazine as a gift for Peter’s 16th birthday. Oh, Walter, that is so you and so inappropriate. 😉

Poor Lincoln. I really do think that before Olivia started remembering other Olivia, she and Lincoln would have been more than work partners. When Peter showed up, that was doomed. Yay for OTP, but I like Lincoln and he is a good guy, but Olivia and Peter together obviously bothers him. Can’t fault him that. And then to be infected and faced with potentially morphing into a porcupine gargoyle and/or keeling over dead, all in one episode? I just wanted to hug the guy, especially at the part where Walter’s listening to Oliva, Peter and Astrid and mumbles how it’s perfect, while Lincoln’s slightly separated from the group. And he knows it.

(Incidentally, a billion years ago when I still ate pork (pre-teen, haven’t touched it since I was about twelve), peanut butter and bacon on toast was one of my favorite things.)

I’m not sure I understand who the couple at the middle/end were. Where did they come from? I might have missed the team talking about them? Of course, I also don’t quite understand why anyone would want to be transformed. Where are they getting fed this “new world” stuff? Jones, right? Does anyone know what the tattoo and symbol on the ship’s door mean? Hmmm, it was a bit Noah’s Ark at the end, no? Not sure how I feel about this kind of mutant creature menagerie storyline. It seems pretty big (and maybe a touch silly), especially considering we don’t know yet if the show will be renewed, do we?

Walter was right, Broyle’s tie was lovely. And while I’m glad they didn’t automatically give Olivia a green light, I’m also glad they didn’t make her sit on the sidelines for more than a few minutes. Olivia’s pretty important, yeah. She needs to be out there, in the thick of it. Because, as I’ve said four hundred thousand times, she’s awesome.


  1. Tim says

    The woman from the couple at the end is the sister of the porcupine guy from the plane. They interviewed her briefly and she acted like she knew nothing about it. I remember thinking at the time that was a weird scene, but it was obviously supposed to be there so we’d remember her at the end.

  2. Azzy says


    I’m guessing she was his girlfriend or wife.

    Anyway, I also think this Noah’s Ark storyline looks a bit silly, but I’m giving it the benefit of a doubt right now. Why knows, maybe they’ll pull it off. Or maybe it will quietly never be mentioned again, like that abandoned story arc about the new agent who was matching cases with Bible references. Hey, remember that?… No?… Didn’t think so.

    Anyway. Lincoln. I like the guy too, and I sort of feel bad for him, but I hope this resentment that’s being hinted at doesn’t amount to anything in the end. I don’t want Lincoln to turn against the team, but I’m scared that that’s where the writers are headed with this.

  3. says

    I really felt for Lincoln, but peanut butter’s full of fat; maybe he just needed animal fats or something? And I like that Olivia’s sister and neice are still this measure of her connectedness to the rest of the world, but I’d buy it more if she got more screentime. That ending, though!

    I was reminded VERY strongly of the Extra Sad Episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist, except you’ve got the ark imagery (which also means you’re international), AND the tragic chimeras are contagious. It did bother me that Walter kept referring to what he was doing as a cure, though– you can’t cure viruses. You can treat them, and attempt to weaken them to the point where the body adapts and can fight them off (or strengthen the immune system, or “teach” the body’s cells to recognize and attack its attackers), but viruses also mutate crazy fast. Even if Jones does nothing to the original viral strain he used in the first place, it will shift once it hits the population and/or within the ship itself, in such close proximity with other infectious chimeras.

    I think the first woman was there to show how widespread this plan was; I interpreted her as the first guy’s SO, who was also part of the mission at hand (though it’s interesting that men are the ones thus far being infected– maybe to keep a set population? Intense sexual dimorphism? Effects on fertility??). I still suspect Jones is going to pull a reverse Vader and be Peter and Altlivia 1.0’s son, and, like Peter, a Special Snowflake Chrestomanci (but, like, a Sith-Moriarty one, with Big Plans to change the world). Which would also fit with this as a last season, if there’s a big reveal and a war in two fronts to fight Jones AND fix the multiverse’s timestreams so things would never have gone down in a way that led up to this in the first place (which might mean letting BB Peter have never survived, à la the better-than-expected Butterfly Effect).

    Idk, just thinking out loud over here.

  4. sbg says

    Azzy: Anyway. Lincoln. I like the guy too, and I sort of feel bad for him, but I hope this resentment that’s being hinted at doesn’t amount to anything in the end. I don’t want Lincoln to turn against the team, but I’m scared that that’s where the writers are headed with this.

    Yeah, Fringe doesn’t always escape the obvious TV trappings, and this one would be a bad one to fall into. Like, they’d better not have him become a Jones lackey. (Though, do we know if he’s not already a shifter? We don’t know anyone isn’t.)

  5. sbg says


    I tend to chalk the “cure” talk up to the magicky science Fringe frequently employs. I honestly can’t recall if he actually said it in those terms (each episode is packed with so much, I often lose details because I’m apparently dim and/or have an increasingly short attention span), but he must have. I wonder sometimes, too, if he knows darned well it’s not a cure he’s talking about but is using language like that on purpose.

    I’m not sure I get how people could be convinced that being turned into a porcupine gargoyle is a good thing, but then again there are a lot of unbelievable real life things people swallow without batting an eyelash. 😉

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