Reaction: Fringe (4×17)

Oh, Lincoln.

I don’t have a lot to say about this episode. I knew the second Agent Lee volunteered to go to the other side in Astrid’s place that he wouldn’t come back. I also knew early on something would happen to Captain Lee to make that a smoother transition. The paralleling between case of the week and deeper arc was strong in this one. 😉

I really enjoy this version of Faux!Livia. I didn’t care for the original Faux so much, but this one – she exhibits a certain amount of ease and humor with pretty much everything she does, yet is still clearly the baddest of badasses. I hate that she lost her Lincoln, as they were clearly tight. :(

Oooh, they’re gonna figure out Alt!Tight T-shirt Wearing!Broyles is a shifter. I swear, even though I knew it wasn’t going to go down this way, for a second I thought Alt!Astrid was going to tell Alt!Tight T-shirt Wearing!Broyles that Agent Lee was a shifter (lies, dirty lies!) and that was what was going to keep him there. Secondary thought was that Alt!Astrid is also a shifter and she was going to tell Alt!Tight T-shirt Wearing!Broyles that the gig was up and they had to flee together. Alas, no, it was that Captain Lee died. Part of me thinks the other two options would have been more interesting, though the latter isn’t completely off the table yet.

As always, I miss our gang when they’re not the focus, but this was a good show anyway.


  1. Danathan says

    Long time reader, first time poster here! Probably won’t be posting much due to mostly being able to access the internet on my Nintendo 3DS, which has a very poorly thought-out browser. Anyway, while I’m posting, I have to give your site mega props for my own feminist awakening – I’ve considered myself a feminist for many years, but only recently become interested in feminist media analysis, and therefore only recently started to come to terms with my own privilege (I don’t think it’s possible for a white man like myself to discover the Bechdel Test and not be forced to confront his own privilege).

    Anyway, I found this episode very problematic. Speaking as someone who loves Lincoln more than is healthy, I thought it was awful that his first reaction to finding that Olivia loves Peter was to think “Well, I know of somebody else who looks exactly like her, so I’ll go and try to get with her instead”. I mean, are we supposed to believe that he was only interested in her physically, and didn’t care that Fauxlivia was a totally different person?

    I don’t intend to be overly critical here. Given the following episode, it doesn’t seem that Lincoln is specifically trying to start a relationship with Fauxlivia, but the timing seems very suspect. I understand that he feels left out of the whole family atmosphere that Olivia, Peter, Walter and Astrid have built up, but doesn’t he have anyone else in the Prime Universe that he would like to stay close to? There are multiple possible explanations for his behaviour in this episode, but the most obvious one makes him seem a lot creepier than I want him to seem.

    Anyway, hi everyone! I hope to be able to post here often. This site is a major factor in my feminist awakening. Thank you.

  2. Danathan says

    (Also. I’m a little drunk right now, so if I seem a little too effusive in my previous post, that’s why.)

  3. sbg says


    I’m not entirely sure we can say Lincoln’s motivation was to go “get with” another Olivia. I think his motivation was to get away from an uncomfortable situation because he felt an obvious distance from the crew on our side. And then, staying? Still not sure it’s primarily related to Olivia, though I suppose it could be since I think we were given lots of cues that Lincoln was falling for Olivia in our world.

  4. Danathan says

    I’m not entirely sure we can say Lincoln’s motivation was to go “get with” another Olivia. I think his motivation was to get away from an uncomfortable situation.

    Oh, agreed, I just thought the decision had unfortunate implications, given his budding attraction for Prime!Olivia.

    I did overstate my case a little in my previous post, though. Whisky is not my friend, I should know that by now.

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