Reaction: Fringe (4×18)

Honestly, this one dragged a little for me and I had to watch it twice just because I kept falling asleep last night. This, I think, actually has more to do with a long week than Fringe itself. Because lots of stuff happened in this episode. I’m not going to do a blow by blow, because – well, I’m presuming if you’re reading this, you watched it.

Some great “our” team stuff at the beginning. I love Walter and Astrid.

Silver lining to Alt!Lincoln Lee’s death: finding the mole. I really loved seeing more to Faux!Livia than her genial self-assuredness as well, in the wake of her partner’s death. Her grief was palpable even as her competence remained in full effect, and I about melted at the scene with her drunk and Walter fixing her eggs. It was very sweet, and considering how Walter was toward her at the beginning of the season it was extra aw-worthy. Barring the odd little escort/prostitute thing Walter mumbled upon crossing over, their exchanges were very nice to see.

How on Earth did I not consider that Alt!Tight T-Shirt Wearing!Broyles might not be a shifter?! I feel silly that I completely forgot about his son and his health issues, which were an obvious in for Jones. *forehead slap* I’m not sure how to feel about how the first Alt!Broyles ended up dead and this one was sleeping with the enemy. At least Alt!Tight T-Shirt Wearing!Broyles did the right, honorable thing and turned himself in. That decision was beautifully woven into the fabric of this episode – starting with Captain Lee’s funeral (Broyles’s face, oh) through seeing glimpses of his family and son and his genuinely lovely conversation with our Walter. Big points for him on doing what was obviously a very, very difficult thing. However, that still means one Broyles ended up dead and one in prison. Somebody going to emergency. Somebody’s going to jail.


  1. Danathan says

    Not much to add to my comment on the previous episode, except wouldn’t Prime!Lee and Alt!Astrid make such a sweet couple? Plus, that would be a great way to avoid the dodgy implications of a Prime!Lee/Alt!Olivia pairing that I mentioned regarding the previous episode.

  2. says

    Yeah I am not happy with the fact that Broyles is either dead or in jail in two different universes. To me it speaks loudly about the value of Black men. Yes, I understand as a parent how a sick child can motivate you to all kinds of horrible things but I cannot for one moment forget that they are doing this to the only Black male character on the show. It’s a problem.

  3. Azzy says

    Renee Martin,

    Even so, I have to wonder if Alt!Broyles’ role isn’t over yet. The fact that they put him in a cell *right across* from Nina, especially after she said that Jones would break her out, might mean that there’s a plan in place through which Broyles might redeem himself by infiltrating Jones’ operation and acting, once again, as a mole, but this time for the good guys. Alright, I might be giving the writers too much credit, but I will wait until the end of the season to make a judgment.

  4. sbg says


    I could see that. I could also see that he’d end up noble sacrificing his life away, thereby not making it all that much better.

    So, I guess I shall cling to original Broyles. It’s a hardship.

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