Reaction: Fringe (4×20)

I think I shall miss them, more than I imagined. Especially Alt!Astrid.

I really enjoyed this episode of Fringe, and the way they bring back storylines and tie them together (somewhat – of course, given all the weird stuff that goes on, continuity is a giant victim). It’s difficult to keep straight, sometimes, given the variations of these universes we’ve seen, what canon still holds and what doesn’t. I mean, does season one Fringe seem like the same show at all now?

It makes sense that Jones would tap into the Cortexiphan subjects; like many, er, eccentric evil geniuses, he seems conveniently able to spin tales to get people to believe all sorts of shit. Those test subjects had already been demonstrated to be vulnerable, considering how most of them had their lives ruined by the Cortexiphan. But now that the bridge is closed, what’s he going to do? Obviously not give up, by the looks of it. Try to destroy each universe individually?

Lovely angst with Walter and Walternate, I thought, and I liked that Walter was obviously distressed at the thought of losing Peter, but that it wasn’t Peter making that ultimate sacrifice thing all over again.

I also like that Olivia had a cogent argument with Nick Lane, and that it still didn’t work. It wasn’t a surprise twist or anything; I found it fairly predictable. Because a conversation isn’t going to cure years of being messed up and/or angry. Where did Nick go, though?

Er, so apparently Lincoln’s intent was to get with redheaded Olivia. I don’t begrudge him any happiness, but urgh.

I guess I don’t have that much to say about this one.


  1. Azzy says

    I don’t understand, if the Cortexiphan kids were using their connections with the doppelgangers on the other side to cause the earthquakes, um… why not round up the doppelgangers and bring them Over Here, so they’re all in the same universe? Wouldn’t that effectively break their link to the other side? Or did it no longer matter at that point. I dunno, travelling the globe and tracking down like a dozen people seems like it would be hard and expensive but, the other side would definitely do it if it meant keeping the bridge open and healing their universe. Maybe I’m just not understanding the technobabble properly.

    Anyway. The Noah’s Ark thing. Wow. Can’t believe that turned out to actually be relevant. I have to admit, Jones is the biggest fucking megalomaniac in two universes. Urgh.

    I don’t know what else to say, I’m just hung up on how much I’m going to miss the other guys. Even Walternate, especially after he pretty much made peace with Walter. I hope they find a way to reopen the bridge.

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