Reaction: Fringe (5×03)

Fringe Friday is here! I don’t like thinking about how this is the last season. For Fox, though, I suppose five seasons is a long run. It’s just that it’s been pretty consistently good and it seems a damn shame it goes away while other shows keep on keeping on. Like, how is the original CSI still on the air?!


Ohhhh, the tapes are right there. LOL, I thought he’d scattered them around the world. Now I feel dumb. Out of order! Oh, Fringe, can you do nothing easily? Rhetorical.

Hmm, I confess to not paying close enough attention to the overall plot. Some lovely character stuff as per usual. When Olivia was pretending to not remember the restaurant Peter was talking about, I thought she was mad that he was remembering a damned piece of pie when they were searching for their presumed dead child. Because I kind of was, so that was me projecting. I was surprised to learn her real reason for being upset, and yet not at the same time. Olivia never did strike me as the mothering type, and thanks to a 21 year time jump, we’ll probably never get to see her outside of that one flashback. (I secretly hope that defeating the Baldies will involve a reset. Because if you can time jump, you can reset, so there.)

Walter the dope fiend is always delightful.

I love how much harder this Astrid is, as if being stored in amber chiseled some rough edges into her instead of softening existing ones. The patience she used to have with Walter has transformed into snark and slight irritation and I kind of love it. Considering I’ve always loved Astrid, this should be no surprise.

Ah, the man and the speech about doing what was needed despite being afraid … I have to admit, I didn’t see him sacrificing himself coming, either. Once again, though, the support cast was overwhelmingly white.

I’d say all we need now is Broyles, but Future!Broyles’s make up was atrocious last time we saw it and I’m not sure I’m ready to see it again.

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