Reaction: Fringe (5×04)

Damn, the Baldies are freaking creepy. I miss September. He was creepy also, but also sweet and almost innocent. I wonder if the Fringe writers will bring him back somehow. I can’t remember – is this season truncated to thirteen episodes only? I’ve said it before; I am going to miss this show.

Re-encasing the lab in amber was such a simple, but smart move.

Yay, Broyles isn’t bad! His make-up still is, but he’s not. I am so relieved.

Not sure how I feel about them killing all the Loyalists and Baldies in such an awful way.

Oh, shit. The ending made me cry and Peter is going to do some awful things, because of that ruthless streak of his.

(And I know these are short, but no one’s reading, soooo.)

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