Reaction: Game of Thrones (1×6)

So basically, Daenarys establishes herself as a boss chick by eating a heart in a pregnancy/tribal/mother of ALL ritual with the Dothraki, who, by the way, are still uber-primitive. Her bro earns his golden crown, and by “earns” I mean “has molten gold” and by “his golden crown” I mean “poured onto his head.” YES. Anyways, the actress is amazing. Emilia Clarke’s getting VERY few lines, but her face is wicked evocative, and the character growth you see as she chokes down a horse’s heart in order to solidify her place as the khalessi is frackin’ amazing. (blah blah blah parallalism blah blah blah Gregor killed a horse because people/things/animals are meaningless and the Dothraki kill horses/use them ritually because they believe in the power of sacrifice.)

Ned’s back as the Hand, but Robert’s all, “HUNTING NOW, peace out!” which is so totally a trap, I don’t EVEN know. Anyways, Ned uses this as an opportunity to declare King’s Justice or whatever against the Malfoys Lannisters, so now it’s officially ON like KING KONG. We also got to see how similar Ned and Sansa are: they’re both so in love with the idea of chivalry and their respective roles within that system that it’s going to lead them/people they love to some hellish places.

Tyrion finagles his way out of the Eyrie, using a series of hilarious plots based around his own ability to play to the darker sides of human nature. Another interesting parallel here: When Catelyn appealed to the lords of Riverland or whatever, she did so by talking about family, loyalty, and a kind of regional belonging. When Tyrion appealed for his escape, he appealed to the commonality of the base: his venal sins, his whoring, and others’ lust for Lannister gold, and his own foreignness as the Lannisters’ Imp.

I still think Theon Greyjoy should be played by a Latino, but what do I know? Anyways, back in Winterfell we’re reminded that WINTER IS COMING and that there’s some creepy stuff happening on the other side of the Wall that Bran’s starting to get eerie hints of.



  1. Shaun says

    The real question is, could you eat a whole horse heart raw? (I’m betting Michaëlle Jean could).

  2. M.C. says

    Are they deliberately making the king and Ned unlikable? Because I’m on Team Cersei. But then again I’m always rooting for the evil queen, who has an incestuous relationship with her cute brother *cough* MorganLeFay *cough*.

    • Maria says


      I’m not sure if they’re trying to make NED unlikeable… I think that for a certain brand of male nerd he’s the easiest character to identify with. Well, besides Jon Snow.

  3. Casey says


    I’ve nothing of substance to add to this thread besides…after watching so much Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, I’m assuming you could eat most ANY animal heart raw (saving for poisonous things, of course). 😀

  4. Shaun says


    Mostly I meant you-Maria, in the sort of, project yourself into the shoes of the protagonist way. I’ve never eaten anybody’s heart so I’m not sure what the squick factor would be like for me personally.

  5. Gnatalby says

    I haven’t read the books, so I was surprised and intrigued by the Danaerys is impervious to fire thing. In the first episode I assumed she was stepping in the scalding bath because she was disassociated/creeped out by the fraternal groping. But apparently that whole dragons can’t be killed by fire thing is literal.

    I liked that it took Tyrion a minute to find the right register with the guard. “Sometimes possession is an abstract concept!”

  6. Kylroy says

    “I still think Theon Greyjoy should be played by a Latino, but what do I know?”

    This reminded me of the massive diversity FAIL the series as a whole has going – even the Dothraki aren’t so much non-white as…tanned. Then again, the series is roughly based on the Wars of the Roses, and 1400s England was pretty monochrome by modern standards.

    Then AGAIN again, I can only imagine the outcry if the only minority character in the series is a foolish, whoring scion of a family known for failed rebellions and proudly producing nothing. Making Theon a different ethnicity would provide a nice, obvious reminder of how unusual he is in Winterfell, but PR-wise it’d be playing with fire

    • Maria says


      LOL Jason Mamoa would like a word with you….

      Plus, keep in mind that I’m not saying NO ON ELSE could be brown if Theon was. I’m more saying I thought it was canon that he wasn’t white.

  7. Chai Latte says


    It is, however, canon that he is a Mega-Mondo Douche and a Half. Sometimes the GoT characters surprise me and I warm up to them even when I thought it impossible. Except Theon.. He’s the only character I want to routinely punch in the face. Or smack upside the head.

  8. Chai Latte says

    Yep, Robert’s hunting trip needs one more guy along—Admiral Ackbar. “It’s a TRAAAAP!”

  9. Nuri says

    Sorry for commenting on an old post, but I am only now watching this series. Re: horse’s heart, my thoughts on seeing the scene were how on earth can she chew that off? Heart meat is really fibrous. I’ve never eaten horse’s heart, but beef heart is fairly common where I come from, and cutting the raw thing *with a knife* is hard due to the meat’s compactness. You either cut very thin steaks that can be pan-grilled or cook the cubed meat for a long time to make it tender.
    Horse meat has a higher content of iron than beef, and the heart muscle is very lean so I guess it’s a very healthy choice for a pregnant woman. I’d take mine fried with onions, though.

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