Reaction: NCIS (8×10)

I know it’s a rerun week, but I 1) haven’t seen this one and, 2) I don’t want to get out of the habit. Incidentally, if there are shows you’d like us to consider discussing (live show, not the rewatch), let us know … we make no guarantees, of course, but maybe one of us watches what one of you watches.

Now, on with NCIS:

–Okay, I think I have seen this one. Last year was a bit of a blur toward the end there. I remember being really grossed out by the dude grabbing a piece of pizza that had been out all night. Gross. I have a thing with people and food.

–Talk about a violation, to have someone come into your house while you were sleeping is really upsetting to think about. I once had a landlord’s son come into my apartment when I wasn’t there and without my permission, and that was bad enough.

–Ah, look. Tony’s very clean cut and is acting like a professional. Naturally, Ziva and McGee are highly suspicious. Personally, I like boring!Tony.

–Missing witness makes a nice change of pace from the usual body-of-the-week.

–I like the guest law enforcement officer of the week (whoops, she’s a district attorney). She’s no-nonsense and reads very sharp. Annnnd then she starts asking questions about Gibbs and Tony to Ziva, sniffing out if Tony’s single. Oh, NCIS, why? WHY? You were doing so well for a millisecond there. “It is a truth universally known…”

–Tony doesn’t jump on a woman clearly hitting on him. Hmmmm. Yes, I like Boring!Tony.

–McGee and Ziva trying to goad Tony into his usual behavior is old after fifteen minutes.

–I love how much knowledge is crammed into Ducky’s head. Hah, Ducky joining Facebook. Cute. I do like Gibbs’ visits to the morgue. I like the Ducky/Palmer tag team, even though I still miss Gerald.

–Sometimes Abby’s shenanigans are amusing and sometimes they are OTT. I think she’s become a lot more of a caricature as the years have gone on. I adore her, don’t get me wrong – she’s smart and sassy and all that. But you think Abby and you think insta-quirk.

–Yay, smart and serious Abby … which quickly descends into “witness instantly sees that McGee has a thing for Abby and also feels entitled to make commentary on it.” It’s stuff like this that I don’t get on shows, and not just NCIS. I guess I’m hardcore noromo, because the inane chitter-chatter on stuff that has no relevance is annoying to me.

–I like the witness (Jerry?), even though he’s clearly incapable of understanding social boundaries.

–Uh, Ducky’s getting hit on on Facebook. Another odd tidbit I don’t know why is there. Provocative messages distract Ducky to the point of being nearly useless. Ugh. See above note about why being noromo is the way to go. 😉

–See, everyone rags on Tony for being immature, but when he’s not, they complain that he’s not himself. WHAT?

–I’m finding it difficult to care about the case now.

–Okay, what is going on with Jerry-the-witness’s obsession with the NCIS team and their romances, USTs and other personal matters. I don’t like him anymore.

–Ugh, Tony’s only being Boring!Tony because of some woman who posted she and he were in a committed relationship when they weren’t and is now in treatment for depression. I’m missing the logic. Is it not possible for someone else to go through something terrible and have it not be all about Tony? I’m also missing the allure of the Ziva/Tony heart-to-heart, but then I always do.

–Aw, the poor victim’s brother is the bad guy. :(

–Have to go – cat on lap.

–I can’t remember seeing one non-white person throughout the course of this episode.


  1. says

    What you said about Abby really rang true to me. One of the reasons I stopped watching the show was the episode in which McGee is attacked by a dog and Abby takes the poor widdle puppy’s side. Watching that episode, I wasn’t even mad at the character like I usually am, because it was so out of character I could only conclude they’d changed writers and given the newbie 20 minutes to come up with a screenplay. Later, the whole plotline when McGee becomes a crime novelist (which, by the way, is one of the laziest tropes ever in my opinion) just felt…enh. That’s not the awkward geek who tries hard I thought he was.

  2. sbg says

    Sylvia Sybil,

    I still cling to the hope that I’ll like the characters more often than I dislike them, but like most shows that start small and suddenly get big – the writing and characterization really suffers. Suddenly TPTB are all, “People like XXX, let’s give them nothing but XXX”, not realizing that people actually liked XOX and not straight XXX.

    Saw it on a former love of mine, SG-1, too, though that had less to do with popularity and more to do with new writers coming in who did not grasp the characters beyond their catchphrases and quirks, and who quickly rendered all the characters flat as pancakes as a result.

    I digress. Unrelated: I liked McGee so much more before he got thin. I know the thinning down has nothing at all, really, do to with it, but in the before-and-after reveal, he always looks better to me in the before shot. Figuratively speaking – I don’t mean an actual photo.

  3. says


    Yeah, there’s a kernel of wisdom in the “I liked it before it was popular” joke. Characterization and plot tend to be sacrificed for the flashy elements it’s assumed everybody will like.

    Apparently he lost the weight during the course of season 7, so I wonder if it’s correlated with plot changes you don’t like? And you’re not the only one. My mom was really worried about the actor’s health and asked me to google and find out if he’d been in drug rehab or anything.

  4. sbg says

    Sylvia Sybil,

    I’m sure that’s it. It really doesn’t have anything to do with weight, but in my head I can only think of McGee as McGee and Skinny!McGee. One I kind of want to hug, and the other is kind of a smarmy know-it-all.

    Again, I stress that I’m making no commentary on his actual weight. 😉

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