Reaction: NCIS (8×23)

Hello, 1.5 THL readers! A head’s up – I’ve had an off day, so this NCIS episode reaction might be more scattered than usual. How would that even be possible, you say? Hah.

When Barrett’s just doing her job, I like her. Wish they’d cut out all that sexual tension crap with Tony earlier – I mean, I don’t care if they’re seeing each other, but the “we don’t do that” posturing from Gibbs and territorial jealousy from Ziva were both really annoying. Far more annoying than Barrett leaning on people in interrogation by using her, uh, assets, surprisingly.

I love to hate Trent Kort. Somehow, the missing eye fits him. Lousy CIA creating a monster and then letting him kill across the globe and ineptly trying to stop him. I wonder if the real NCIS has such obvious issues with the CIA as the fictional NCIS does. 😉

I’ve never liked Mike Franks. Every time I saw Muse Watson’s name in the credits, I cringed. Just didn’t like the character or the backstory with Gibbs (frankly, I get bored of Gibbs’ backstory very quickly no matter what it is.). I can’t really bring myself to feel much regarding his demise (and the NCIS anvil was telling us via him looking like arse and coughing all over the place that he was not long for the world anymore anyway). Interesting storytelling – though who didn’t figure out who it was in the body bag from the second Mike appeared behind Gibbs in the rain? No real mystery. The end result kind of made it seem like Gibbs is having a prolonged hallucination, one he interacts with and I swear people noticed a couple times. Interesting, but odd.

Naturally, the PTP steals Gibbs’ glasses, even though it’s not his case. He follows him and studies him and ends up killing Gibbs’ former himself to kill right in front of Gibbs’ house. The serial killer relates to Gibbs. Of course. ::eyeroll:: Oh, NCIS, sometimes I think you should just rename yourself GIBBS and be done with it. 😉

Why was Ziva so freaked out about Franks’ death? Did I miss something somewhere? Why is this the catalyst for showing her ultimate soft side and the straw that makes her not want to do the job anymore? Confused SBG is confused. That said, the group hug was quite lovely in an episode where everyone who wasn’t Gibbs had a pretty small role.

Wait, wait, wait – the second team is told they’ve walked into a trap and they still 1) get shot and 2) Barrett goes off on her own? At least she or David Sinclair weren’t the Bad Guy, but if they kill her off I will be pissed.

Also, next week’s previews have me kind of irritated in the way they present a certain character as a damsel.

Now I have to go, because I’ve got a cat who is unsubtly begging for my attention by laying his head on my hands. Well, he did hunt down a giant spider earlier, so I suppose I owe him a belly rub.

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