Reaction: NCIS (8×24)

This week, the season eight finale of NCIS! Still feeling off (wondering if I’ll ever not feel off, honestly), so bear with me.


At the fifteen minute mark, I grew a bit weary of all the shippiness. Tony/EJ! Ziva/Ray! McGee/Abby/Cade. Eh.

I am very glad EJ survived, but bummed Levin didn’t make it. I suppose I should be grateful he wasn’t the bad guy … or was he? What was with the little whatchamacallit EJ extracted from his arm? And why was it never mentioned after that? Ducky had to have seen it. Also bummed with the revelation that EJ is SECNAV’s niece and the automatic defensiveness that came with the reveal and her apparent departure. I’m not sure how they would have worked her in more, but NCIS could always use more female blood, IMO, even if they screw it up more than half the time.

Cobb: is it just me, or was he really easy to kill? This was a serial killer that spanned the globe and was always too genius to stop, and then when it comes to his endgame, it’s really more of a glorified cry for cop-assisted suicide? I felt a little unfulfilled by the whole thing.

Or maybe it was the ship, which has never been my cuppa for NCIS. Seeing Tony go hardcore because Ziva was the token damsel/bait, seeing McGee’s jealousy of Cade, Ziva’s seeming pretty ready to push Ray away. Ugh. I know, ship happens. I guess I’m more of a team gal. I’ll stop griping about it now.

Poor Pimmy Jalmer. Kidnapped and tortured and zero screen time after that. I hope he has a lovely wedding. I will always, always miss Gerald, but Jimmy’s sweet and dorky.

So the end scene. There is another traitor-amongst-us story coming up? Ugh. I do wonder who was in the folder, and why the new SECNAV went over Vance’s head to pull Tony in. Why Tony? Also, did it look like Tony’s hairline is receding to anyone else?

I might have to tune in to NCIS next year just to watch Weatherly’s hairline. 😉

Thoughts, anyone? I’m sure I missed some nuances (such as they are for NCIS).

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