Reaction: Supernatural (6×18)

Hi, THL readers. Yes, I’m back again. I’ve been thinking of dropping NCIS, but I’m keeping SPN. I’d also like to do Fringe, but I can’t watch both at the same time. If I do do Fringe, perhaps I’ll wait until next season – and then it’ll have to be a day late. Hmmm.

Anyway, about Supernatural:

This was the episode fandom’s been waiting for (from what I’ve heard, anyway, which isn’t saying much as I’m an ostrich with her head in the sand). What could be better than Supernatural’s Winchester boys traveling back to the wild, wild west? Well, lots of things, but that’s besides the point. 😉

Basic recap: Sam and Dean and Bobby discover in a conveniently hidden library amassed by Samuel Campbell (this show loves the name Samuel, btw) a book which states that the somethingorother from a phoenix can kill the Mother. Then they find a journal by Samuel Colt which speaks of killing a phoenix on a certain date in 1861, so they summon Castiel, get him to boot them back in time for 24 hours and they plan to scoop up the ashes of the phoenix.

I found the reworked credits really cheesy. I LOLed. Not sure that was the intent, but then I’ve never been a huge fan of Westerns. Every time that music came on throughout the episode I giggled my way through it.

Rachel, Castiel’s lieutenant – I liked her, but I knew the second she started going on with her anti-Winchester ways, she would be yet another female casualty for Supernatural. I am not one to care about the whole angel civil war (it’s seemed very off-screen to me, until suddenly in these last episodes it’ll be The Most Important Thing Ever), but I think it’s clear Castiel is not doing well as an angel. Not in the war, either. No, I didn’t want Castiel to bite it in their fight scene, but I was really glad to see her at least get one jab in him. She fought well, and though she was but a blip – I liked her.

And Castiel is a lying liar who lies. I have to question why they have kept the war so far off the radar that now when we do have airtime for it, it’s not painting Castiel in a very good light. It reminds me of how they always used to tell Sam’s story kind of off in the shadows, which made it hard for a lot of fandom to connect with him.

I did really enjoy that the saloon girls – which were inevitably going to show up – weren’t exactly Miss Kitty Russell. They were women doing a hard job with obvious physical tolls. I didn’t like, however, that it was played for laughs. Yeah, yeah, Dean had a Hollywood version of the West in his head instead of one even remotely accurate. Not that Supernatural’s version was accurate either? LOL. Supernatural makes me talk in contradictions.

Ah, Sam got to meet Samuel Colt and Samuel Colt is a burned out has been without sympathy. Naturally. I did enjoy Sam not standing for shit here, though. Colt could have no idea the amount of mileage that young man has walked, which made his little lecture so ironically amusing.

I *heart* Bobby Singer.

Finch. Knew he was the phoenix the second he spoke. Nice touch, giving him an avian-inspired name. And of course, his motivation was that his wife was almost raped and then shoved into a refrigerator by the deputy, and he was the one who was incarcerated. That was … disappointing. I mean, of all the tropes to ever get troped. It had to be him avenging his beautiful wife. What a bummer he had to go – he wasn’t actually a bad guy. I’m sitting here with 8 minutes left, wondering if Samuel Colt had a change of heart and squirreled away some of the ashes for the boys. Deus ex machina is not new for Supernatural. 😉

Two minutes later after commercial break: I TOTALLY CALLED IT. OH, SUPERNATURAL, YOU PREDICTABLE BEAST.

Random bits:

Hah. Their outfits were so awful and Sam’s awesome hair does not pair well with cowboy hats. Sam should have stuck with his original shirt. 😉

When they were saddling up the horse, all I could think was, “That poor horse.” So when Dean said that exact thing when Sam was riding away, I had a moment of glee. Seriously, that horse looked so small!

Paraphrased Colt quote: “If you’ve been doing this job as long as I have, a giant from the future with a magic brick doesn’t give you the vapors.” Hee hee!

I did enjoy this, but it seemed disjointed. Would have liked it more if Dean had been less of a dork and used his brain a bit more, and if it had been written in a way they could both stick together.

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