Reaction: Supernatural (6×21 + 6×22)

Hiya! A day late and a dollar short here, but this was the first chance I had to watch the last two Supernatural episodes for this season.

This will be very brief, because I’m exhausted from a day of travel, two days of a bit too much drinking, meeting a fellow Hathorian face-to-face (waves!), and fixing an apartment that suffered at the hands of disgruntled pets. Never go in against a male orange and white tabby when food is on the line. 😉

Let It Bleed (6×21):

Okay, I’ve never been a huge fan of Dean’s instafamily. I like Lisa and Ben, it’s how the relationship came about that really skeeves me. Even now, it feels like they were Dean’s “reward” for fighting the good fight for so long and eeeeeh. Not for me. However, I think what happened to them in this episode goes well beyond that. Here’s the thing: in fantasy land, it would be better for Lisa and Ben to not remember Dean at all. In reality, not knowing him does not preclude him having feelings and being concerned for them. So now if someone wants to use them they 1) won’t have any idea what’s going on and the trauma will be even worse and 2) they have no one to call for help.

Basically, they were both shoved in refrigerators and Dean was the one to to it. No, they’re not dead, but they might as well be. They will not be spoken of again. (WTF, Dean, Sam was right – it is not all right to wipe them like that). The refrigeration also came after torturing and killing a dozen or so humans possessed by demons. Oh, Supernatural. Will you ever change? Rhetorical.

Now, I did like bits of this one, mind you. I hated that it was happening, but Dean during the scene where they had to get Lisa out was very badass in a John Winchester kind of way.

Bobby is total love, but he looks so ODD without his baseball cap on. LOL. It’s nice that he can hack it out in the field as well as being the font of all knowledge.

Loved Ellie (Dr. Visyak) and that she came out of Purgatory but was a “good” monster. I knew then, of course, that she would be dead soon. Just a gut feeling, drawn from years of Supernatural experience.

Okay, the HP Lovecraft stuff was kind of cute.

They won’t get with Castiel’s badwickednaughty plan, so Castiel is the victim here. They really laid that on thick with this episode and the next (it all kind of bleeds for me at the moment – no pun – so if there’s comingling of funds, please do not audit me), which of course only makes it more and more clear to the viewer that Castiel is not the victim here so much as someone who was handed the keys to a Ferrari and told not to drive it. Except he wants to drive it, so everyone who thinks he shouldn’t is mean and why does everyone hate him. It’s like grade school on steroids in his head, I’d imagine. I am not saying this to knock him, that’s just how it reads to me.

I almost said, “thank goodness!” when Sam came in to tell Dean to take a break from the demon torturing, because I thought he’d mention, y’know, the people in there. But then I couldn’t because he was just offering to take over for a spell. I’m actually kind of glad Dean was being a martyr there. At least one of our boys wasn’t a grand inquisitor.

The Man Who Knew Too Much (6×22)

Er. What?

It didn’t take me long to figure out it was wonky. Got it before Sam shot at himself. What woman would not only not try to call the cops or something if some 6’4″ guy running from the cops breaks in and begs you (even with potent puppy eyes) to give him a moment to think? Right. Not only that, but she decides to give him a beer, listen to his tale, and drive him around. The dream was no surprise. I did like the bartender. Don’t think she had a name (I think I shall call her Jo Lupo), but then Soulless!Sam clearly didn’t care about names. Shoot the hostage, Keanu. :( Another fleeting guest female character bites it, or, technically, bit it before we met her.

Anyway, that’s not what I’m confused about. We get Sam chasing himself in dreamscape, trying to put himself back together and that seems like a pretty HUGE freaking thing, right? Apparently, not so much. Once he’s all put back together, all we really get to see is him staggering. He clutches his head once with the hellfire scene, etc. and that’s it for now. Assuming that’s going to play in a bit next year, it was very WTF for me when the episode’s climax was about Castiel and Crowley and Raphael opening Purgatory, etc. Which is as it should be, mind you, but so much time spent in Sam’s head was … odd timing. It felt like the Supernatural writers suddenly realized they hadn’t touched the whole Hell dam in Sam’s head and had to toss it in real quick at the end.

I dunno. It was very fast paced, but disjointed and confusing. Like, crappy to have it be so Dean and Bobby have to leave Vegetable!Sam all alone to figure things out. Sure, Dean left a note. But good grief, the guy was having grand mal seizures and who knows what else. It did make me feel better to hear Dean say at the end that he’d probably lost Sam already, in a morbid way I don’t quite know how to put into words. I guess, knowing that Dean didn’t WANT to leave Sam there alone.

See, my gut was totally right about Ellie dying. Chilling to hear her say Crowley’s torture was all right, but when Castiel took over… Until this point, I think we were all content to think Castiel was very hands off with all of that. He probably was until the “betrayals” flipped a bad switch.

BABY! Please be okay, Baby. Supernatural isn’t Supernatural without you, and I think you ought to write something in your contract about not getting destroyed in finales ever again.

Raphael is a smokin’ hottie, btw. I knew he had to go, which makes the casting all the more troublesome for me. Both actors that tackled the role did amazing work. That’s not the issue. It’s that they’re both POCs who ultimately played the villain of the piece who had to die, and so died. We’ve never seen that happen on television, ever, have we? Except for everywhere.

You had to know Crowley wouldn’t just flee. Castiel knew it too, clearly. He had it all plotted out, and I’ve no doubt at some point it was a well-intentioned plan. It’s the same power story we’ve seen on Supernatural (and other places) about power corrupting. And, boy, does it corrupt when it comes to angels. Castiel’s full of bad juju now, and goodness knows how The Singer Winchester Company, LLC is going to stop him.

Of course, the ending was to be dramatic, but I tended more toward what the hell did I just watch? on the first run. With any luck, someone else watched this week and can share their perspective!


  1. Leigh says

    Despite it’s problems, I really enjoyed the finale, but…yeah it had problems.

    I was heartbroken when the girl Sam was traveling with died. I knew she would, everybody did, but she was just…she was really fun. I wish we could have a woman on the show like her. She was great.

    While I enjoyed the season, it was very, very disjointed. I wish we’d gotten more Raphael before he died. Why didn’t we see more of him? While the Mother of All story was cool, it didn’t serve as big a purpose as it should have.

    Lisa and Ben have so many haters in the fandom that it’s not surprising they got fridged. It was a very Doctor Who plot, Dean taking their choices away, making them forget “for their own good.” It doesn’t help that he thought he was doing the right thing. It stinks of the Tenth Doctor making choices for the people he loves because he thinks he knows better. Uncool.

    It also amazes me how much of the fandom has sided with Castiel, and blames Dean for Castiel’s actions, saying Dean wasn’t supportive enough and drove him to do what he did. But Castiel had this plan all along, so their logic makes no sense.

    I’ll be tuning in next season just to see what the hell they do next.

  2. sbg says


    I did enjoy them both, but I was having a hard time being coherent last night.

    It also amazes me how much of the fandom has sided with Castiel, and blames Dean for Castiel’s actions, saying Dean wasn’t supportive enough and drove him to do what he did. But Castiel had this plan all along, so their logic makes no sense.

    I don’t venture out much in fandom anymore, but it doesn’t surprise me. People who love Castiel REALLY love him and it would seem they can forgive much. I really can’t help but contrast it to the reaction Sam always got, which was pretty derisive from many. It’s hard not to see it as “Sam tries to do the right thing in all the wrong ways and gets lambasted, but Castiel does worse wrong ways to do the right thing and poor him, what a woobie!” Er. What? Confession: I started backing away from fandom when Castiel came along. I honestly don’t understand how anyone could blame Dean for Castiel losing it. He lost it even before he became “the new God”. He lost it before Dean told him his plan was a bad plan and he wasn’t going to go along with it. And, lo, Dean was right and Castiel should have listened just like Sam should have listened a couple years ago. (Frankly, though, Dean being right is a little tired in and of itself…)

    I’m sure had I been doing these from episode one, you would have put me in the hate Lisa and Ben camp. I didn’t hate them (well, I never really liked Ben), but the way they were brought in was intensely problematic to me, so no matter how awesome Lisa was, she always had that pall hanging over her for me.

  3. Kex says

    I dunno about the Castiel thing. I actually understand why, even if that does not excuse what he did later. Dean and Sam have done a lot of not really moral things to save the world/each other etc. But according to SPN all that Dean does is moral so I guess that doesn’t count. I think that Cas betrayed for example Rachel much worse than he betrayed Dean. Because regardless of if Cas was good or evil, Dean was the worst friend ever. Seriously. Oh hey, Cas are you fighting a war in heaven to prevent the second apocalypse? Well gee, that can wait cus I need to go back in time. Yeah, and don’t send other angels to fix it because it has to be you. Because I say so.
    I won’t say that Dean is responsible for Cas actions. No one is responsible for Cas action but Cas (and God I suppose for being the worst father ever). But that hasn’t stopped me from wincing my way through this season before we knew anything about Cas plan because Dean constantly belittled him, treated his like shit and only called when he needed a favour. I had a very hard time listening to the whole “we were like family” speech, because this season has really not shown it.

    About Ellie: Well, a recurring female character who dies partly to make one of our heroes emo or make them look good. Surprise. I think that this season has really been horrible in this aspect. SPN had its troubles before, but this is the “kill all the women and POC:s” season. I have not been happy.

    When it comes to Lisa and Ben: Yeah. I do not hate them, but I do hate the way the series handled it. The whole thing has always given me the creeps. The only woman I can remember Dean having serious relationship with is Cassie. I could get if he went to her. But Lisa? They´ve met about twice. This was not about her, but about Deans need for family. This and the whole heaven thing when Dean had all these happy memories of child Sam worshiping him tells me that Dean needed a wife and a kiddy Sam substitute. It did seem as it had anything to do with Lisa and Ben as individuals, but rather that Dean used them to fulfill a promise to Sam and fill in empty spaces. I kind of think Dean needs to talk to a shrink. His life has not been that healthy and there are some things he really should work out.

  4. sbg says

    Oh, Dean had a part in it just like he had a part in Sam’s run for the dark side – with Sam, Dean was just too much of a wreck to be of much use to anyone, so Sam felt he had no choice. With Castiel, Dean was always a jerkface who flat out used Castiel as his personal angelic avenger more than he was ever a true friend to the guy. But in both cases, consorting with demons is a surefire way to NOT get Dean’s support, and both Sam and Castiel should have known it. There was no betrayal by Dean here.

    Honestly, don’t know why Lisa and Ben had to make a final appearance. I thought their last appearance had enough finality to it – so, to bring them back, kill her current beau and then mindwipe them? Really above and beyond the call of refrigeration. Double refrigeration.

  5. says

    Late to the party, but really enjoying the discussion. I’m…er, looking forward doesn’t sound quite right, now with beloved Show and all its many many flaws…how about “anticipating” the new season, now that I’ve got someone(s) to watch it with who won’t mind saying “SHOW ISN’T PERFECT ZOMG!” :)

  6. says


    Absolutely! It’s a guilty pleasure, for sure. But maybe if I can snark about it with other feminists every week, I’ll be able to watch it without feeling crap about myself for it. :)

    I’m also in the process of winding up to starting an Avatar: TLA watch-along/rewatch on my own blog (link when it happens, on the pics-or-it-didn’t principle). Because I want to get everyone jazzed up about watching KORRA! YAY KORRA!

  7. The Other Anne says


    URGH. You’re SO ENTHUSIASTIC that now I might have to finish s6 so I can watch and discuss s7 with everyone. And Korra. Oh jeez people need to stop being so excited about that because now I’m all riled up about it again! I CANNOT WAIT. *melts*

  8. SunlessNick says


    People who love Castiel REALLY love him and it would seem they can forgive much … Castiel does worse wrong ways to do the right thing and poor him, what a woobie!” Er. What?

    Castiel is the new Spike.

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