Reaction: Supernatural (7×01)

It seems like just yesterday Supernatural left us with that oh-so-dramatic curveball, and now we’re back. Here’s hoping for a year filled with guest character PoCs and women who don’t die or turn evil. (What, I can dream, can’t I?)

Meet the New Boss: Or, The One Where Castiel Turns Into A Wrathful God, Sam’s Brain Is Scrambled Like Eggs and Dean’s A River In Egypt (Or Maybe the Hoover Dam)

Okay, keep in mind that I find the Castiel as God thing difficult to take seriously. I admit my slant. I just can’t, especially when they have a church ala the Westboro Baptist “protest at gay weddings and funerals” woman being interviewed after “God” strikes down their hypocritical pastor say things like, “He was young. And sexy!” That’s some LOLtastic stuff right there. (Because of the type of church they were imitating I find it hard to believe she’d say that on camera or at all, not that Misha Collins isn’t a fine looking man.)

I think she and the corrupt Senator (gee, who was her real life persona supposed to be?) might have been the only women with speaking parts, too. True, it could have been worse. Ahem. They could have been in nighties and barefoot, which I am sure we will get at some point during the course of this season, right? Supernatural has a thing for white nighties.

Poor Sam. They’re handling the Hell flashbacks very well, I think. Every time they happened, I actually had a visceral reaction and they’re keeping me off balance, which I think is the point. I almost always like Sam in episodes, and this one was no exception. Of course he was going to be the one who can get that Castiel was still Castiel in there somewhere. It made sense to me that he would reach out, especially after seeing how much of downer Dean was. BUT WHERE DID HE GO AFTER HALLUCINATION!LUCIFER INTIMATED NOTHING WAS REAL AND HE WAS STILL IN HELL? AND WHY DOES DEAN NOT SEEM ALL THAT CONCERNED? I know, no time. But in the past, Dean would have seen Sam was having hallucinations or at least that something was amiss, and FCOL, Bobby walked in on the tail end of one. Every time Sam lies, he’s incredibly breezy and his responses are too fast.

“You all right?”
“Yeah! Of course I am!” *quick smile*
Dead. Giveaway.

Also: who sends a guy who’s admitted to having hallucinations down a dark, scary hallway alone? Daft, both Bobby and Dean are daft.

Speaking of Dean, he seemed really off to me, like I didn’t buy anything in Jensen Ackles’ performance. This is unusual for Supernatural, and for him. He seemed … expository. I mean, he looked beautiful while doing it, but the whole episode left me feeling kind of flat toward him. I think maybe it was the hissy fit “we’re all going to die and OMG Sammy lied to me again” booze and porn party he threw himself that tipped me over the edge. 😉 He did manage to improve toward the end, except for the whole letting Hallucination Prone!Sam off on his own, and then not notice the quick trip down the hall to fetch a jar of blood was taking an awfully long time…

Sorry. Show’s about the brothers for me, so I get a little worked up. Where was I?

Crowley. It’s always good to see him, kind of. In that keep the enemies close way. To Sam, who inquired who his new boss was, “Castiel, you giraffe.” LOL.

Good to see Death again too. Not sure what they were thinking, summoning it there with two civilians tied up and watching. That whole bit was weird. At least this time, he was more explicit with what the protozoa were supposed to do. You’d think an entity as old as Death would have figured that out eons ago.

Bobby I can only give half a heart to, because of how fast he started to kneel to Castiel and because he flipping saw Sam coming out of a hallucination and apparently didn’t find it odd at all to find the guy crouched in a defensive stance in a perfectly harmless basement.

BABY LIVES. Seriously, I believe that is the most vital and important thing to come out of this episode, even if it’s frightfully sad that Show’s only main female character is a 1967 Chevy Impala who has now had two major plastic (er, metal?) surgeries. Her hood looks fiiiiine again.

Leviathan. Really? And here I thought it couldn’t get more ridiculous than Castiel as God, they go and kill Castiel and make him an apparently psychotic Biblical sea monster possessing Castiel né Jimmy Novak (who is dead, right? am I remembering that?) instead. Again, the end of the episode trying to keep my eyes from rolling out of my head. On the plus side, at least Misha will get to play something different, which is good for him. I’m hoping for some good stuff, and that my eyerolling will cease.

So, let’s see. Two women with speaking roles, one dead (amidst a campaign office populated by a lot of women, also dead) and one gushing about a handsome man. One PoC with a minor speaking role, also dead. Dean watching Busty Asian Beauties or whatever porn.

Yep, it’s still Supernatural.


  1. Patrick McGraw says

    Dean watching Busty Asian Beauties or whatever porn.

    I thought Sam was the one with the Busty Asian Beauties account… 😛

  2. sbg says

    Patrick McGraw,

    Heh. I actually don’t now what Dean was watching other than it was related to the objectification of women. Because when the chips are down, Dean turns to drink and that again, I guess. He’s actually been doing better in that regard the last few years!

  3. Azzy says


    Given his description of “Asian cartoon porn”, I’m guessing he was watching hentai. I suppose you can find hentai that doesn’t objectify women, but you’re just as likely as finding western porn that doesn’t do the same.

  4. sbg says


    I think I wasn’t paying that close of attention, more thinking, “Oh, this again.” It seemed weird to me that their former friend was slowly but surely killing people and Dean’s reaction was to say, “Well, we can’t stop him so we might as well drink and watch porn.”

    Go, heroes!

  5. Azzy says


    Good point. After all the angst and turmoil the last time the world almost ended, I guess he’s just burned out.

    Also, I raised an eyebrow when the word “leviathan” was brought up. After watching Farscape, what comes to mind is a gentle living ship, and not a biblical monster. I guess I realize what image they’re trying to conjur, of a vast and alien monster far beyond our comprehension, but eh. They’re really reaching this time. I guess we’ll have to see how this pans up. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed gleefully destructive villains. But I hope Cas makes a return! Yeah, he’s been an ass, but on this show, who hasn’t been?

    “Jimmy Novak (who is dead, right? am I remembering that?)”
    The way I recall, when Cas returned to his body, Cas told him that “it will burn worse than before” (or something?) and would feel like it has no end. From what I understood, Jimmy’s still kicking around in there, though in permanent, unrelenting pain. I guess they were trying to underscore what a great sacrifice Jimmy was willing to make to save his daughter from pain, but, uh, it just made Cas look like a monster (and the Winchesters like hypocrites for abiding this decision). In my own personal headcanon, Jimmy’s soul escaped to Purgatory with the rest of them, just like in the same headcanon, Anna never betrayed the Winchesters and the person they thought was her was actually another angel wearing her meatsuit to get close to them. This show makes me do a lot of mental gymnastics, is what I’m saying.

  6. says

    I’ll admit, I watched both this and the last Dr. Who episode this afternoon, and I’m having a hard time keeping them sorted from one another.

    Which, I think, says nothing good about either. :/

  7. sbg says


    Gah, poor Jimmy. I don’t think this falls under “noble sacrifice” anymore. :(

    I’m pretty sure the “saving people” part of the show has slipped in importance since way back at the end of S2 when all those demons were set loose. Also :(.

  8. iiii says

    I thought Jimmy died when his body got smote in _Lucifer Rising_.

    I read somewhere that Misha Collins’ doctors told him that if he kept up the growling, he was going to do permanent damage to his vocal cords. And I note that Leviathan speaks with a voice that’s a lot closer to MC’s natural range than Castiel’s voice. So I’m wondering if the whole Leviathan thing isn’t a means of keeping MC on the show without making him talk like Castiel for another year. And I’m hoping that Jensen Ackles will cut back on the growling, too. It’s gotten distracting.

  9. sbg says


    Oh, man, if you watch a S1 episode, Dean doesn’t sound at all the same. The pilot, especially, his voice was so much, I dunno, lighter? Softer? I get why JA growls and makes it harder, I do, but that does have to get tough after awhile. I sometimes do silly growly voices at my cats (shut up, I know, hee hee) and I can’t sustain it long. Shoot, I could never be an actor because at a recent staff retreat where all the talking I had to do was basically me shouting in order to be heard (because I have a quiet speaking voice), which resulted in a moderately sore throat. Not sure naturally loud speakers get that it’s traumatic to vocal chords to have to raise the volume that much and/or alter your voice.

    Er. Tangent. Sorry.

  10. Patrick McGraw says

    The master growler is Kevin Conroy, whose Batman has spent twenty years sounding like he eats cigarettes mixed with crushed glass, and yet his normal voice still sounds normal. I have no idea how he does it.

    Also in terms of growling, vocalists who use a “death metal growl” often develop polyps. Oww.

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