Reaction: Supernatural (7×02)

Warning: Tonight’s reaction might be a bit garbled because for the first time in a long time SUPERNATURAL HAD ME RIVETED TO THE SCREEN SO MUCH I KIND OF FORGOT TO THINK. And it was so good.


Whew. Okay, like I was glad Castiel wasn’t going to play god for episodes on end, I’m also glad he expelled some of the Leviathan so we’re not watching him alone going around being psychotically supernatural. I suspect highly that he’s still around. He’s the boss they’re all reporting to, yes?

I am love, love loving Sam’s breakdown. It’s very intense, even though at the beginning I was all “bzuh?” about how Dean and Bobby seemed to not be that concerned. Again, they find Sam in the throes of a hallucination and all they can do is tell him to buck up and get a move on. Thankfully, we got to see later that was just a product of the situation (tracking a bleeding, ready-to-explode Castiel/Leviathan) and not their true feelings. There’s a bit of offensive terminology being thrown around regarding mental illness, all part and parcel on US television (and in US culture). I do see it and it does bug me, but on the whole I’m enjoying this. And, oh, MY, Jared Padalecki’s eyes with a hint of tears in them are SO PRETTY. “He says the same thing about you.” Oh, Sam. *wibbles*

Plus, with Sam’s breakdown we get lots of Mark Pellegrino. Cannot complain about that.

Yay, honesty. Sort of. As per usual, we see that honesty is conditional and the same rules do not apply to Dean. Rather, he’s willing (just like Sam, incidentally) to be honest only when there’s absolutely no other choice and/or he’s against a wall. I wonder if one day Dean will see the irony. Of course, the thing about either Winchester hiding the truth: nobody really buys it anymore, so it begs the question of why they bother pretending so damn hard.

Dean is not okay at the beginning, because of Castiel and Sam and everything. At the end, he’s really not okay. More on why in a mo. That moment when Real!Dean is talking Sam down when Lucifer, who’d been a rather unconvincing Fake!Dean is taunting him. Dean mentions his time in Hell, how he knows what’s real and what’s not. *swoons* Brothers. Flesh and blood. Make it stone and number one and build on it. *swoons some more* That is my Show, at last, atlast.

Holy shit, holy shit, BOBBBBBY. His house. HOME. *wibbles* He’s okay. He’s okay. He has to be okay, you all, because I cannot handle it otherwise. I’ll just be rocking over in that corner right there until next week, when we learn that Bobby is okay.

Then, but then and yeah, then that last bit, Dean on the phone confessing what we already knew in that liptrembling way Jensen Ackles can only deliver. Oh, Dean. “You said you’d be here. Where are you?” Gah. And Dean and Sam both get crunched – they warrant annihilation? YIKES, why do the Leviathan hate them so much? Dean trying to wake Sam up, telling him he needs to carry him out of there. Like Sam needed a blow to the head hard enough to cause intracranial pressure? Jeezus.

And they’re going right to the hospital where the Leviathan have their little assembly food line set up. GAH. I have not been this keyed up in a long time and it feels good.

The Leviathan are nasty, nasty creatures. That whole storyline is going to be quite awful for gore and violence, which makes me a tad worried on the body count front. We all know who bites it the most on Supernatural.

Let us do a tally of women and PoC in this episode:

– first shot of women are in bikinis, at a car wash; this is a scene I really do not see a purpose for. Really, what the hell was it about, or the woman drinking a glass of water. Did she get possessed? She must have.

– little girl Leviathan: coded evil and, dead, according to how the Leviathan assume shapes and then eat their progenitors.

– PoC man Leviathan: coded evil and dead, according to how the Leviathan assume shapes and then eat their progenitors.

– stereotypical “old biddy” lady, dead.

– PoC man CSU guy, not dead but kind of … questionable single line afforded.

Four and a half strikes! BUT

– Sheriff Mills is back. I do so love her and she didn’t get dead. She didn’t get to do much, but it was enough. She toughed through appendicitis surgery, being doped, etc., etc., to figure out here there be monsters, and she knew who to call. I really, really hope we’ll see her again and she again won’t get dead. Bobby’s at her house right now. Yes, he is, because he wasn’t at his house. Nope.



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