Reaction: Supernatural (7×04)

It’s Friday night, and that means new Supernatural, whether you’re ready or not! :)

You’ll have to trust me here, but I’m typing this paragraph before it starts for me. I want to say I have my suspicions where this one will go based on what my cable has as a description. We’ll see if I’m right, because while it’s obvious our intrepid quasi-heroes will survive this early in the season, how they get there is pretty crucial. LOL, that’s probably as non-deep as I’ll get.

I. Am. So. Bored. By. The. Blood. Splatter. Must we keep using it as a means to show bad things have just happened? No, I don’t want to actually see the gore, but the blood is not necessary and is getting ridiculous. No, really. I mean it.

In fact, this whole episode bored me. It didn’t gel, or even feel like a real episode of Supernatural. The plot and dialogue were plug-and-play semi-clip show. It wasn’t a bad episode. It wasn’t a good episode. It was an episode where our white, male hero is absolved by his brother and a sad, dead Jo (Just when you think the whole schlocky Dean/Jo thing is dead, they find a way to bring it back) and so all the bad crap he’s done in his life is okay because, hey, he that life he’s had has been terrible. Nice. Predictable. And I adore Alona Tal and think she’s fabulous, but I never want to see Jo Harvelle again.

Anyway, I knew it would go there. Now, I’m not disappointed Dean didn’t get dead. I’m disappointed they felt they had to rehash this Dean-feels-so-guilty, heavy heart and weariness yet again. Especially when he spent most of the episode being kind of a nozzle.

Mia-the-bartender was a cliche they haven’t used in awhile. Tee hee, so funny, Dean having to psych himself up because he hasn’t had random, casual sex in soooo long. ::eyeroll:: At least she didn’t die, and at least the victims and all their blood splatter in this episode were men. Notice how they weren’t sexualized at all?

Osiris makes no sense. I still can’t make his appearance here or how easy it was to get rid of him (yay for magic Jews!) make any sense to me.

I do love Bobby, but I still feel cheated by the whole “his house and books are destroyed, don’t worry, he has copies” BS from last week. Talk about NOT building a mystery. None of it matters, because Bobby-the-walking-repository is still alive and kicking. (Pardon the hyphen abuse, btw.) (Also pardon the parentheticals.)

Even Sam and Dean’s conversation at the end felt stilted and flat and just weird. Sam is guilt free, but crazy. Sweet. Dean’s guilt-ridden and an alcoholic. Go team!

I had such high hopes. I hate being such a downer! I just want Supernatural to be Supernatural again, not whatever this slick, shallow thing was. Anyone game to show me a different side of this episode?


  1. SunlessNick says

    At least she didn’t die

    There’s plenty of episodes left for them to hear about her death, and for Dean to suffer noble manpain over her being killed because of him.

  2. sbg says


    Nah, she filled her purpose. And they’ve demonstrated, all they have to do is bring Jo back for that. Not women that Dean has actually, canonically had long term relationships with, like Lisa or Cassie. Dean’s only regret is Jo.

    I have to go collect my eyeballs from under the sofa, where they rolled from out of my head.

  3. Azzy says

    The one part I liked about this episode was Osiris, because he wouldn’t take any bullshit. His first scene cracked me up, especially when he threatened to hold Sam in contempt by killing him (I know, I know, that’s awful).

    Up until now, Dean has always been my favorite Winchester (what can I say, I love the woobie). It’s weird, because I’ve often agreed with Sam’s perspective over Dean’s along the seasons, but I haven’t managed to quite like Sam because–and this is going to sound absurd, I know–he has a stupid haircut. It seems a weird reason not to like a character, but Sam’s hair has always deeply offended me for some reason. There’s something just not right about it. But I think this last episode has finally tipped the scale. Dean has fallen out of favor and Sam has wormed his way into my heart. So now Sam is my favorite Winchester. It helps that he’s the well-adjusted one now, hallucinations and all.

  4. says

    I’ll be glad when Jo gets to stay dead only because I’d really, really like for Dean to show some interest in someone who doesn’t look just like his freakin’ mother. That’s just creepy, how often that ends up what he’s doing, and given the comment he made when he met his mom at 21 or whatever (“Sammy – Mom’s a babe!!”)…ick. Just…dude, we know you’re an Oedipus analogue, we get it, just…find someone different, k?

    I thought Osiris was a bizarre choice to find in the US – why wasn’t he at the big Intercultural Deity Hoedown in…what, S5 or S6? – but I have to say I loved the actor, who’s awesome in everything (he was in Iron Man, as well as the recent Star Trek reboot).

    I’m disappointed, though, because having a MotW episode was kinda cool. Too bad it turned into an emo wankfest. :/

  5. sbg says


    I’ve heard many reasons for not liking Sam the mostest, but his hair? I’m sorry, that’s silly. His hair has been awesome for the last 2.5 years. I’ll give you S2 and S3.

  6. sbg says


    Well, Lisa was not a Mary lookalike, and neither was Cassie from Route 666 (LOL, if you didn’t scrub that one clean from your memory. Racist truck. Jeez.). Of course, look what happened to Lisa and I’m pretty sure Cassie was around only so they could include a sex scene. :/

    I guess when I think Osiris, I always think of Sarah Gardner and a show which actually didn’t say a peep about the whole judging thing, so take that with a grain of salt.

  7. says


    Granted, he’s had one or two that didn’t fit the mould, but that only makes it more obvious how often he gets wibbly over girls who look like Mom.

    I’ve never watched Stargate, so I don’t have that reference. :)

  8. Azzy says


    When I think Osiris, I think of a novel we studied in eighth grade for an exam (a novel which featured an interesting female main character, incidentally), particularly of the story about Seth chopping him to pieces and Isis going off to put Osiris back together. So I can sorta see why they included the bit about his death not being permanent. (I lol’d at “hunter in a spacesuit”).

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