Reaction: Supernatural (7×06)

I have to boohiss the title of this week’s episode. Yes, I saw what they did there, and I didn’t find it particularly clever, myself. I can’t remember if I said this here or elsewhere last week: I miss them yoinking song titles. I’d’ve named this one The Crunge just to be random. Where’s that confounded bridge?? <-- only good part of the song, IMO. Anywho. Sorry about that. Now I've got that song in my head, though, if it's any comfort. This episode was pretty decent, for Supernatural these days. I would love to know what their Plan B was for their Leviathan prisoner of war if Bobby’s torture didn’t come up with any way to kill him. Gah, I hate our heroes are torturers. I mean, I get it. Not human. But it’s still squicky to think about. Except, calling all hypocrites, I wanted that guy dead within five minutes. I mean, really, they had him shouting the answers to how Sam and Dean got copied from the basement? Good thing they didn’t have to figure out anything on their own. They had a know-it-all Leviathan for that. ::eyeroll::

Okay, so, your doppelgangers are on a massive killing spree, do you a) wander around with nary a thought in the world it wouldn’t be on everyone’s television or b) acknowledge that in order to see Bobby’s old friend you’re going to need gas and purchase, I dunno, hipster glasses and fake moustaches as disguises so that you don’t raise suspicion or c) lay low . Think about it for a moment or two. 😉

I’m not entirely sure, being an apparently stupid human, I understand what the Leviathans’ end game was. Was it to lure Sam and Dean in to kill them and that’s it? I mean, really? Nice references to bette…season one, but it seems to me that if they are as brainy as they think they are, they could have found a more logical path to Sam and Dean. Like the first guy. They could have come up with something more subtle, at the very least. I know, subtle is not their style and they do not care about humans as anything but food. I shudder to think about the hospital disassembly line they’ve got going and why aren’t our heroes smart enough to consider they should head back to Sioux Falls to end that?

I do like the hints we got (expository style) from the Leviathans wearing Sam and Dean about their states of mind, particularly Sam’s. Because we already know what’s up with Dean, but I was having a hard time understanding how Sam’s so together. Apparently, he’s not. Incidentally, it seems awfully easy for them to just know what’s going on in their assumed shapes’ heads. From a touch, really? This is something I didn’t ever quite get about the garden variety shapeshifter, either.

Frank Devereaux. Amusing, if cliche. Look, a crazy, paranoid old white dude! Honestly, it’s about time the credit card fraud thing got called out. It was pretty silly to begin with. I find it hard to believe John would have kept it up for twenty years, when anyone who wants off the grid knows cash is the only way to go. Or, stealing.

I’ll give them that it’s been a rough seven years for an excuse as to why it took them so long to figure out the Leviathan killing pattern. It would have been horrible, but a mite more interesting if the bad guys had gone after the people Sam and Dean helped in those respective cities. Totally glad they didn’t go there, because that would mean some awesome S1 guests got killed.

Despite being the Grand Inquisitor of Supernatural, I did enjoy Bobby’s scenes. When don’t I? I’m so predictable. I wanted to kick that Leviathan for calling Bobby dumb because he’s a high school dropout. Bobby is not dumb, you dummie! *sticks out tongue, kicks in the shin* Was I the only one in the viewing audience who fully expected Jody Mills to turn out to be a Leviathan? It’s always good to see her, and I loved the kiss. Go, Bobby. However, don’t make Jody love interest only. She’s too frigging awesome for that.

Except, why isn’t Bobby a target of those yahoos? When they were still in Castiel, I thought he implied they’d be back – for all of ’em.

I have to admit, Borax for incapacitating Leviathan reminds me a lot of the silly “water kills them” aliens from Signs.

I actually hoped at least one of the FBI guys was a plant, because they were extremely poor excuses. I mean, we had Henricksen, who was a total prick but he was good and competent and not concerned about paperwork.

:( :( About the poor deputy (sheriff?) and his daughter doing the right thing and helping the boys, then getting dead. We almost made it through without that annoying blood spatter. I did LOL a little during Dean’s one phone call. Nice talk to have on speaker.

Dick Roman. Is that the Big Bad Levi Boss? A youngish, handsomish white guy* in a suit? I am disappoint. I suppose in a sense it’s very realistic. Look at how some particular religious organizations operate. It’s an effective model. But even I, ambivalent Castiel non-fan, was sincerely hoping for Misha Collins as the biggest, baddest Levi. Interesting to see Crowley try to make a bid with the Leviathans. Not surprising, but to have him turned down and then scatter quickly was. I wonder if he’ll crop up to make an offer with the boys soon. Bet so!

Okay, last, but presumably most important, we had to know that Levi!Dean was going to spill the beans to Sam about Dean killing Amy. Poor Sam. He looked absolutely sick about it at first, and I get the build up of anger. But the walk away scene at the end was … I dunno. Kind of a gigantic tantrum? Again, don’t blame him, but I hope he manages to cool off and soon. I can’t take any more of the Sam and Dean are good/oh wait/Sam and Dean are at odds again! thing.

*I honestly recall only one guest speaking part that was a PoC – the deputy who presumably got dead just before a Leviathan stole his shape, and he only got one measly line. Everyone else, white. And our female guest roles either ended up dead or getting kissed (after doing basic housework like cooking and cleaning). Oh, Show.


  1. Brand Robins says

    While watching this with Mo we got to the point where Sam stormed off and she says, “OH GOD NOT THIS AGAIN.”

    It’s become pretty formulaic really, the brothers hide things, get them revealed, have a fight and split up, come back together to save world and magically fix their problems. I guess its the way dysfunctional brother relationships work, playing out the same exact pattern time after time, but its getting a little boring to watch.

  2. sbg says

    Brand Robins,

    Yep. Gut wrenching to watch one, maybe two times. But it’s very different verse, same as the first now. I’d have rather seen Sam lay Dean out, reverse that role once, as Dean has no qualms with punching Sam’s lights out (even after a major head trauma). I can’t recall Sam ever doing that when he wasn’t under the influence of something.

  3. Kex says

    You know, if I was Sam I wouldn’t want to be around Dean either. I really think what Dean did was an enormous betrayal on so many levels and I would have been furious if they didn’t address it. Maybe Dean can start thinking about his own concept of morality now and STOP BEING SUCH A DICK! It is about time he actually developed as a character towards something else than emo.

    By the way, did anyone else think about the Enchanted Forest chronicles when Levitation was killed with soap water?

    And yes, I should be pissed that every woman that shows up either dies or become love interests, but right now I am just happy that there actually is a woman on the show who is competent and that at least one character maybe gets to be vaguely happy. I want a sheriff Mills and Bobby hunt stuff episode. That would be awesome. I am actually pretty prepared to give up if they kill her too. Please show, just let us have some more reoccurring characters. Characters who are women. Is that so hard??

    And oh, I obviously am a bit dense, but I don’t get the title of the episode. Not much slash there.

  4. says

    Just saw this last night, finally – thought it was okay, but the Levi shouting from the basement? I shouted at my TV.

    The teaser was pretty awesome, though. All of us watching it were making these gawping faces, like, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS HOLY CRAP WHY ARE THE BOYS (splashy-gooey-title).

    Did anyone else notice that they fucked up on the order of the attacks? They skipped Phantom Traveller (PA) and Bloody Mary (OH), and went straight on to Skin (MO).

    Also completely loved seeing Saul Frakkin’ Tighe (Michael Hogan) as the sherriff. I kept wanting him to say “Shut yer frakkin’ mooth!” to the Levi, in his awesomely Northern Ontarian accent. 😀

  5. sbg says


    I took the title as a wink wink, nudge nudge to acknowledge the Dean/Sam shippers. But, yeah, considering the mass murders were done with automatic weapons, the slash part is just daft.

    I’m pretty sure I’ll drive up to Vancouver and egg the studio if they kill off Sheriff Mills. Okay, empty threat, but seriously, they’d better not.


    I was never so glad to see someone get decapitated. That Levi was annoying, and the whole exposition via smarty-pants supernatural being was eye roll worthy, at the very least.

    I didn’t notice they jumped around with S1, but I think I wasn’t paying attention.

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