Reaction: Supernatural (7×07)

Supernatural Friday!

You’ll have to forgive me. I’ve had a terrible time concentrating all day, and not even Sam and Dean could get me focused. Plus, I’ve got a cat with a sharp-clawed paw at my carotid right now and if I don’t pay enough attention to him, I’m afraid of what he’ll do. I knew I should have been more diligent with the claw clipping. I didn’t know the furry beast had a thing for my neck. Anyway, so. Supernatural.

I liked good portions of this one, though it was, of course, not without some issues. I hate seeing the brothers separated. I DO get why Sam’s angry, but the beginning was just so heartbreaking. Dean alone. No Sam, no Baby. Please, Show, don’t keep Baby away too long. They can’t drive that old junker Dean stole permanently, no. I LOLed and knew right away when Dean went into that restaurant that Sam would be there. Props to Sam for being very Joe Friday for awhile there. I get it, I do, and I think Dean does too. But also props to both Sam and Dean for finally putting it out there, in a carside convo that had more heart than pretty near anything else this year. I know the carside convos are sometimes schlocky and a bit stale, but they’re one thing I really like. Call me a cheeseball if you want. It’s not like they have ample time during the course of cases to have truth-baring conversations, right?

The good news about this episode is that there were LOTS of women in it. (And Bob from ReGenesis!) The bad news is what happened to a good chunk of them. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. On the whole, even the guests with the biggest speaking parts did all right. Melanie and Camille (poor both of them) were sharp and fought, though Camille was a tad more victimy. She also had the unfortunate “psychic Voodoo priestess” persona thing, which I can almost forgive since it was a persona and she was not like that at all in her daily life. I was most distressed about losing her, of the people who got killed this episode. (Lordy, does saying that sound bad to anyone else?)

I liked that Melanie, while a quasi love interest for Dean, was smart and adult. I totally loved that she was essentially a profiler and she pegged Dean and Sam within seconds. (Honestly, you’d think this would be a skill they also possess. I’m not sure they could do their job without having a good meter for reading people, and I don’t mean EMF.) Anyway, Melanie didn’t dress sexily and there weren’t any overt “DEAN WANTS TO BANG HER AND SHE WANTS TO BANG DEAN” overtones with their interactions, just genuine attraction and, well, friendship brought on by extreme circumstances. I actually felt bad thinking we won’t see her again. But at least she didn’t die. If Lisa had been introduced more like this and continued to be as awesome as she was, the whole Dean/Lisa & Ben thing wouldn’t have rubbed me so wrong. Poor Lisa, I think, had less agency than this one-off guest character; nothing about her wasn’t actually about Dean, really.

Ellen! From beyond the grave! That was a lovely touch, I’ll give them that.

The case itself was eh. Haven’t we done the ghost-mistaken-for-baddie-when-it-was-just-trying-to-warn thing a few times? I know we’ve had repeats before, so that’s not a real gripe. Just … predictable.

There’s fake woo-woo crap, and then there’s real woo-woo crap.

The end.


  1. Kex says

    Yeah, I’m sorry, but no. That was how they solved it?! LIKE THAT. Sam was all “Oh, Dean, you where right in being a evil killer because your gut told you to” I am so pissed off right now!! And I really liked the episode up to that and loved the whole Ellen thing. Whyyyyy is Dean always presented as a suffering saint?!?! I need to go and breathe in a bag.

  2. sbg says


    I still don’t think Dean should have killed Amy and I’m not convinced being friends with her was as big a factor as either Sam or Dean thought for Sam not killing her. Sam’s been like that, always. He’s always seen grey where John and Dean saw black and white. It’s too easy to dismiss his behavior as being too emotional here. To make what Dean did okay, they made it seem like he did it because Sam couldn’t, and it’s just not true. Sam will always be stronger than Dean can give him credit for, because Dean can’t relinquish the protector role.

    That said, it’s better they did it fast instead of having this span several episodes. The longer they kept Sam mad, the more fandom would see Dean as the right one and Sam the dick. Because that’s how fandom rolls.

  3. Deb says

    First the episiode…it was ok but it did annoy me that all the women fortune tellers were fakes but the men were thereal thing(the pawn shop guy, the guy at the museam and the spoon bender) and the brothers angst has been getting old since season 3!

    Honestly, at first I was mad at Dean but he was right to do it…she was a murderer, regardless of the fact she was doing it for her son. I find it disturbing that apparently since she was killing “lowlifes” that it is apparently ok. IF she was an unsub in Criminal minds, people of course would be saying she needs to be stopped.
    However, it was wrong of him to lie.

  4. Kex says

    Oh, I absolutely agree with you. I would say that it is Sam’s strength, that he CAN see those shades of gray. And I really believe that he would have killed her if he thought she was dangerous. But the later season it feels like the show is shoving the black and white view at us as the noble and correct one and I hate that. I am not saying that I want Dean and Sam to have one of their epic drawn out arguments again, but I would have loved SOME doubt from Dean’s side. His own conviction that he always does what has to be done freaks me out.

    Yeah, I don’t agree with that at all. You know, I get it. They have to kill monsters because the monsters are not in reach of our society’s legal system. But you know, take your example, what if she was a killer on Criminal minds. Would she get the death penalty? Almost certainly not. In the system there are stuff like mitigating circumstances and prison sentences and what more, social services would at least try to make sure that her child was safely placed with people who could take care of him. Dean didn’t take that responsibility. Oh, he asked, but what the hell was the kid supposed to say? ”No, please take care of me man who just murdered my mother in front of me”. And while I agree that it doesn’t make it right to kill the people she killed because they where criminals, why the hell is it right to kill her then? Dean killed her because he was sure that she would kill again so she was a danger to society. By the same logic and looking at his past choices, Sam could also be considered a danger to society. And both Sam and Dean tortured actual human bodies and didn’t even try to exorcise the demons when they were looking for Lisa. But Lisa they exorcised, so she of course survived. These are the people who should be jury, judge and executioner for everyone not human. That is not creepy at all.

  5. The Other Anne says


    Not just Sam, but Dean as well. Dean has killed humans, the earliest I can remember being with the Colt in season 1, shooting the man possessed by a demon in the head when he punched Sam. He has killed, and throughout the seasons has proved he will kill again, and he will kill humans without remorse if they are enslaved by demons. By Dean’s own logic, he should kill both Sam and himself, but of course the logic he uses to justify murdering “monsters” does not apply to them.

  6. Deb says


    I actually agree with you, Amy was certainly a character with many shades of grey and didn’t necessarly desrerved to be kiiled but kept a close eye on or arrested. It just sort of bothered me that Sam wanted to completely let her go even though she killed people, and people on some message boards were pretty much like so what she just killed a bunch of lowlifes, which I found really disturbing…

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