Reaction: Supernatural (7×08)

Are all five of us ready for some Supernatural? 😉

*bites lip and refrains from expressing thoughts about tonight’s episode title*

Season 7, Time for a Wedding!

*continues to bite lip bloody*

“Funny” Supernatural episodes usually take me a few views to enjoy. Plus, the inclusion of Becky in the Then segment started the alarm bells ringing. I know she’s a caricature, but she always sets my teeth just a bit on edge. Even the brightness of her paint choices (all of which I loved, actually) are part of the weird geek/child thing they’ve set her up to be. AT LEAST THEY DIDN’T CONSUMMATE, because this whole scenario is creepy as hell and doesn’t make me like Becky any more at the end of the day. Her not being completely dumb and redeeming herself helps a bit, but it doesn’t wash away the fact she drugged Sam repeatedly and also whaled him on the head (What is it with Sam getting knocked out this season? I’m telling you, in real life, the guy would have some SERIOUS medical problems.), nor does her endearing, if vaguely insulting, geekiness.

The other major female guest is a Real Housewives type. Hooray for stereotyping?

And, of course, the loveable gay black friend turns out to be a crossroads demon. The Supernatural writers wanted a trifecta and didn’t work hard to get it.

By the by, I’m still iffy on this writing team. Too many hints of Mallozzi and Mullie ala season four of Stargate SG-1 for me, with the surface writing, and it ended super early. Shortest episode of the season. Most humor episodes do tend to run short, ever notice that? Humor is more difficult to sustain than angst.

The opening scene with Dean was kind of heartbreaking and boring at the same time, if that makes sense at all. Dean’s issues, I dunno. I know they’re a Big Thing for many in fandom, but I would like him to get over it. Maybe it’s because while I’m bi-brother, Sam’s hallucinations and Denver scramble actually is interesting, yet that’s the issue that’ll be gone from on screen until the end of the season, when it’ll suddenly be back in a swirling mass of drama when Dean’s issues finally plod along to a climax. I would like for some actual progress to be made, instead of dropping anvils, I guess. Like the end scene car convo – Sam saying how nice it’ll be for Dean to take care of himself for a change and Dean being unable to do just that because he’s still sure Sam could crack at any moment. Anyone want to bet money that Sam will crack just as Dean gets his feet on the ground?

I feel like I’m being less coherent than usual tonight.

Crowley staying out of it seems kind of fishy to me, and disappointing. I think Sam and Dean and Bobby could use the demonic help with the Leviathan (who I did not miss at all this episode, thanks).

The cake in the credits was very pretty. A pity they blew it up!

I’m embarrassed for Sam referencing being tied to a bed as hogtied. That’s not hogtied and I’m sure he knows it. Dictionary, writers. 😉

The skinny hunter guy Bobby sent was, I suppose, decent comic relief. Yet kind of annoying.

I’m not sure how to categorize this one. I enjoyed it despite the glaring issues, but it wasn’t funny or angsty.


  1. Nathaniel says

    Even with all the problems inherent in the episode, I did like that Sam immediately pointed out that the love potion was no different than a date rape drug. Some other series I know could get quicker on the uptake on that issue.

    (Glares at Harry Potter series.)

  2. sbg says


    Good point. I can’t imagine he’d have anything else to say except “this is NOT OKAY.” and it’s horrifying to know that somewhere out there, this reaction didn’t happen in this kind of scenario.

    I did enjoy the sock-in-mouth work JP managed. 😉

    I’m now wondering how on Earth Becky got him to the cabin. She’s tiny and he’s … not. Dead weight even on a small person is incredibly difficult to deal with.

  3. says

    Yeah, definitely not the best of the “humour” eps for me. I enjoyed Becky in her first appearance, less so in her second, and this one just creeped me right out, because if they hadn’t consummated yet, it was only because she’d run out of love-juice just before she would have managed it. And that’s rape. And being prevented from raping only because you ran out of incapacitating chemicals? That’s really, really nasty. Imagine, if you will, a male character who was in that spot: would we be expected to find it funny at all? Hopefully not.

    Diminishing rape as a concept serves only to reinforce the rape culture, no matter who the target is.

    So, yeah, really disappointing. Also, the…I don’t know how to charactize it, but the automatic dismissal by Dean that Sam could ever love someone who was a geek? More grossout. Why do you have to insult your ONLY FANS, Show? Why?

  4. sbg says


    Yuck. Yucky, yuck, yuck. My guess is the writers want us to believe that Becky believes somewhere down in her geeky heart that after awhile the love potion wouldn’t be needed. Still dub con at best in that case, IMO, to wait for a person to get so confused in the head they fall in love with their captor.

    Sam is geek, and I find it perfectly likely he would fall for a geek. Or, maybe Stanford-era Sam would have.

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