Reaction: Supernatural (7×09)

Oooh, a Supernatural MotW episode, or at least as close to one as we’ve had in years, until it wasn’t.

I spent a lot of time wincing and trying not to throw up. Eating noises, as I’ve said before, gross me out way more than cat heads pulled out of stomachs. It’s a quirk, but I’d be so happy to never see Dean Winchester onscreen eat again.

And the only woman to speak (of the very few who even showed up as extras – there was a serious dearth here) was the executive assistant to the Big Bad, who said something about schedules to make us understand the scope of the Leviathan plan. And then again later, more I’m-efficient-and-I-serve stuff. I never expect Supernatural to give me much for women or any group that isn’t white and male, but Susan (who is, incidentally, a WoC – no bonus points allotted for that) the assistant was the only woman on the show. She didn’t appear until forty minutes in. *sigh*

Eh, I dunno. I am still bored by the Leviathan, but a bit more interested in knowing what the grand scheme is, and how it’ll be easy to foil in the end.

“The Rise of Dick”. Really, Edlund, are you twelve? Dick’s speech was loaded with stale sex double entendres too.

There was good stuff, though. Bobby telling Dean to stop thinking about the big picture, because he’d break his head and generally being great with both boys when the other was unconscious or gone. He’s supportive without being cloying, which is why the end of the episode had BETTER NOT BE AS BAD AS IT LOOKED but was not surprising to even my unspoiled self. Supernatural has a tendency to give characters one last huzzah before they, y’know. Okay, I have faith Bobby’ll live, but my guess is if he does, they’ll give him amnesia – a bit of medical logic for a change, conveniently, because after that kind of trauma, a person likely wouldn’t remember much surrounding the incident or have effed short or long term memory forever. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have seen him figure out the Leviathan plan.

Ranger Rick – I was seriously annoyed with him the first time, because I couldn’t picture a ranger being like him. Thank goodness they explained it, but poor guy. Comic relief meets untimely end.

Dean stoned was kind of funny, after I got over the disgusting mastication. And, of course, it was the perfect thing for him to loosen his tongue and admit more fully than he can when he’s sober how messed up he is. Unfortunately, Dean was “tired of it” way back in S2, so I feel like he’s getting a bit of a short shrift here, story wise. It’s not interesting to rehash something that was done so beautifully already. I was home ill from work earlier this week and watched a syndie episode from S2, an episode I didn’t much like the first time around, and you all. YOU ALL, it was so superior. The car conversations had deep running undercurrents of pain, not just exposition. I felt Dean’s despair. Now? Now I don’t feel it as much as I should. :/

Sam clutching at his hand at the mention of Lucifer. I do like confirmation that he’s still seeing Lucy hanging around, and I get why they can’t afford to have Pellegrino actually there for us to see as well. But couldn’t they have Jared accidentally react to the invisible devil now and again? We know he’s not okay, but show us. They’re doing far too much telling, IMO.

But we have to wait until December 2 to learn Bobby’s fate?! And then the holiday hiatus. Which, btw, I don’t remember happening when I was a kid. Yes, I’m that old. Glory days, children, glory days.


  1. The Other Anne says

    You know, I don’t think I’m ever gonna bother watching, but reading your Reactions is just awesome! (And S2 is definitely my favorite. Back then I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen. Now I haven’t watched in a year and a half and I like to pretend the show ended at the end of S5.)

  2. sbg says

    The Other Anne,

    I can see the intent to get back to the roots, but it’s not quite working. Too much has happened to reset in any major way, I think, and it might also be actor fatigue. JP and JA (and JB) both still do a great job, but the scripts seem to be dictating more than they used to, if that makes sense. There isn’t the same drive to really knock it out of the park and sucker punch the audience.

  3. says

    Finally got to see it – if Bobby’s dead, I’m done. Seriously, that’d just be IT.

    Liked the MoTW focus, at first, but then (yawn) it’s All Bigmouth, All the Time. That’d be a lot more fun if I meant Dean. I thought Doctor Monsterface eating himself was kinda funny, though I did sorta wonder how it worked near the end, given there was nothing but sloppy black goo left. Not sure I want to see it, though.

    At one point, Dean smiled, I think during his “I’m-so-stoned” bit, and I was kinda shocked by how crows-feet-y he’s become. He’s only just over 30, so it’s weird to see him with wrinkles I don’t have myself at 45.

    So far, I don’t have any understanding at all of what the Bigmouths are trying to accomplish. I can see what they’re doing to accomplish it, but I don’t get what the endgame is supposed to be. So, I mean, if they got everyone addicted to the turducken…that’s great, but doesn’t it mean they have to then have a bunch of people cranking out BlueGoo all the time? To what end? So people will sit still while the Bigmouths feed? Why do they care? Nothing can stop them anyway, so what’s the difference? What’s the POINT?

    The Dick speech was just eyerollworthy. I felt like I was listening to a 10-year-old boy’s parody of Supernatural, I could hear the sniggering in Vancouver from here.

    Why have you forsaken us, Show? What did we do to you? We’ve loved you, Maude knows we’ve loved you, even when you’ve treated us like shit (*cough*Becky*cough*). We’ve loved our Boys, and our Angel, and occasionally we’ve loved a few others…but now it’s just “Hi, is that your mouth? Can we shit in it please?”



    (great post, as ever!)

  4. sbg says


    I’m pretty sure they’ll just make him with a holey memory, not dead. Everybody dies,except Bobby. NOT BOBBY.

    I genuinely would have loved it had it been the actual Jersey Devil, though I found it ridiculous how quickly Bobby dismissed that as urban legend. Hello, 99 (well, 80 now) percent of the time, they are dealing with myths and urban legends. Stuff that ain’t real!

    Bet he spends a lot of time in the sun, and laughing. I’m generally few of wrinkle, but I keep to the shade and only laugh if something’s funny. And my life hasn’t been terribly funny for a few years. 😉

    You raise good points about the Leviathan. I’d imagine they want a docile food supply, but they also want to make sure the food supply keeps producing … and doesn’t develop a spark of rebellion. I’d say the human race outnumbers them, and if, IF pushed enough, someone’s gonna find a way to kill them that doesn’t involve household cleaner.

    Or, something. Who knows? I have no real concerns there. I know Sam and Dean and Bobby (damnit, AND BOBBY) will find a way.

    I didn’t much love the angel. *dodges tomatoes, cackling* But word to the past paragraph anyway.

  5. says

    OK, want some big LOLz?

    Remember S6 E4, Weekend at Bobby’s (one of the best of S6, in my book)? The one where we got to see a weekend from Bobby’s side, with him answering all the phones and stuff?

    Okay, so he gets one phone call that goes like this:

    “No, I don’t think I ever heard of a vampire doing that. Better drop a dime to the FBI.”

    *”FBI” phone rings*

    “Willis, FBI.”

    “No, Garth, not me the FBI, the real FBI! How are you still alive?”

    See what they did there? Garth the n00bish hunter from last week? Was a dropped name in a previous season.

    Well-played, Show. Well-played.

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