Reaction: Supernatural (7×10)



I might ETA this tomorrow because there are things, but for the moment that’s all I got besides a lump in my gut and a pain in my head.


  1. sbg says


    I’m so pissed, I can’t even. Not only did they do that, but they did it in a way that strips everything. First they took his house, literally, and then they took everything that made him, him. I get the horrible beauty of what was happening and why, the disappearing memories, but it’s too damn much. They took him away, so even if there’s some miracle healing, Bobby’s not going to be Bobby anymore. Yay for drama? Not really. Sam and Dean against the world was fine in S1, when we thought they had no one. But to build up a support system and then just destroy it to “get back to basics” is what I like to call bullshit.

    – why was his wife never once played by the same person?!
    – oh, he adopted Sam and Dean because their terrible, abusive father wasn’t good enough for them. How many ways can we retcon John into as big a bastard as possible?
    – abusive background was very sad. HATED the “that was when I figured out few would thank you for rescuing them” re: his mother’s reaction.
    -oh, Dean. He doesn’t realize, in his own pain, that Sam’s gonna LOSE it, too. I know it’s always been Dean/Bobby slightly more than Sam/Bobby – but when Dean stormed off and Sam sat there trying to will the devil away by clutching at his hand… *wibble*

    LOL, maybe this should have gone into the body of the “post”.

  2. Kex says

    Actually, I do know a way this can end well, SPOILER:

    There is a time travel episode coming up. I refuse to believe that Bobby is gone until that has been aired. If there is a God of Time he can send them back to just the right moment so Bobby doesn’t get shot. I suppose they have to give an explanation as to why they can’t go back and stop Leviathan from coming to earth too, but I still think this is fixable. If they do not fix it … well I think I am done actually. I have been cheering for them to bring in new characters, not kill everybody but Sam and Dean off. I know this might not be a totally popular opinion, but I don’t think they are interesting enough right now to be the only heroes of the show.

    And yes, John Winchester is the devil, bla, bla, bla. WE GET IT SHOW.

  3. Nathaniel says

    As a positive note, I did like the detail you mentioned of Sam continuing to self harm in moments of stress. Real life schizophrenics have to deal with people whispering things into their ear at the worst of moments, and given that they seem to have Sam mirror some of those symptoms, I thought it was a nice touch.

  4. sbg says


    Hope you don’t mind – I greyed out your spoiler so phobes won’t see it unless they highlight. Adding space in wordpress doesn’t actually do anything. When you hit post, they disappear a bit.

    All I know is this: THEY HAD BETTER FIX IT. 😉

    I was sick to death of them retconning John into a grade-A abuser. They seriously have made it seem like the guy didn’t love his boys with everything he had. He friggin’ died for one of ’em.

  5. Towanda says

    While I would hate to lose Bobby, I actually thought that this was a really well-done send-off. It was certainly a lot more reflective and respectful than most of the deaths in this show. To be honest, after all this, I’ll actually be disappointed if Bobby survives or if his death is ret-conned away. Cas’s death left everything about his character hanging; he needs to come back in order to finish his arc. But I feel like this episode gave Bobby closure. It would almost be cheap to undo that.

    As for John, I don’t feel like this episode demonized him or anything. We know that he did the best he could under the circumstances and that he loved the boys, but there’s no disputing that he was a pretty crappy dad. I read it as Bobby picking up the slack and being a cool uncle to the boys when John was alive, and taking over as their father-figure after John died.

    Also, RUFUS. I missed him so much! (Speaking of characters who got BS death scenes.)

  6. says

    Yeah, I spent a good deal of time threatening Show when it was over, making it clear that if Show doesn’t get its act straight, it’s OUTTA HERE. Offing Bobby just isn’t on…er, as it were.

    I liked the episode, just wish it had been someone else in that awful spot. Not Bobby. Just…not Bobby. The boys have lost their mother, father, brother, grandparents, and too many close friends, to have to go through losing Bobby as well. Too much.

  7. sbg says


    Oh, it was well done. Still hated where it went. 😉

    As for the John stuff – it’s been a pretty continuous affair, the references to him post-mortem being overwhelmingly negative. As for the Bobby v. John as the daddy figure, I never understood why TPTB felt it necessary to make John a bastard and Bobby super awesome and wonderful. Bobby could be super awesome and wonderful without ALWAYS counterpointing it with slights against John, is all.

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