Reaction: Supernatural (7×12)

It’s Supernatural time again!

Two words for you: Jody Mills. &hearts! Seriously, I think she made this episode for me. She’s got such a great balance of strength with softness showing through. The first time she uttered Bobby’s name, I nearly bawled. Okay, well, not really, but it was a fantastic little moment that made me hurt. That and her comment about Bobby and Rufus (hunters in general) being like puzzles. You all know I’m not a fan of split-em-up stories, and I do know why this happens, but I found myself pretty okay with the Sam and Jody duo. And she didn’t die!

Speaking of Sam: Supernatural hair and makeup? SHAVE THE BURNS BEFORE THEY LEAP OFF PADALECKI’S FACE AND EAT SOMEONE. (OMG, I just had a crackfic idea of someone’s sideburns coming to life and night and committing heinous murders.)

Dean has done an awful lot of time travel. I wonder if that impacts a person, physically. Hmm. I enjoyed him in 1944, working with Krycek…er, Eliot Ness. It bit kitschy with the standard glorification of that era, but still very enjoyable. Plus, fedoras. I do love hats. Some anachronisms to overlook, but that’s to be expected, eh? It’s also slightly hard to suspend disbelief to buy that Ness was actually a monster hunter, but it’s all good. I did enjoy him slapping Dean upside the proverbial head about being reasonably lucky to have some clarity in life, where most of us muddle along with nothing.

Ezra = haha, Supernatural, I see what you did there. However, it’s a tad sacrilege to have someone else utter “idjit”. 😉

I found the whole storyline pretty weak overall, to be honest. That spell was … wow. “We need to know what day and what time exactly Dean’s gonna touch Chronos” sounds impossible, but suddenly it was BAM easy. LOL. But still, very watchable. I mean, even the “I know your future and it’s full of black ooze! Mwahaha!” was lackluster, because we already know that and so do Sam and Dean.

It was, of course, bright white in casting because we all know that since half the episode was set in 1944 and people with varying skin tones, cultures and etc. did not exist then, you can’t blame them for the whiteness. Heh, oh Supernatural and 95% of all mainstream US television programming. I’m going to try and focus on two rocking (and still alive at the end) female guests and ignoring the other female damsel and lack of color.


  1. Nathaniel says

    Sorry, who is Eliot Ness?

    And I am pleased that I am not the only one who finds the ridiculousity of Sam’s sideburns hilarious.

  2. Kex says

    I love Jody Mills!! I wish they could put her as a regular and I was actually more interested in her that what the heck Dean was doing in the forties.

    Can we yet again call out how Dean and Sam (but especially Dean) suck at hunting now. Oh, we have this monster, which we don’t know what it is and have no means of killing:

    1. Throw yourself at it wildly
    2. ????
    3. Profit!

    I mean seriously.

    I did kind of like the episode and I have loved Jason Dohring since Veronica Mars, but still… I feel my patience wearing thin. And the whole “your future is covered in black ooze” Yeah, that’s a real surprise Spn, we hadn’t guessed that or anything.

  3. sbg says


    It’s symptomatic of newish writers writing the characters for the story instead of the story for the characters, I think. It’s a tale as old as time, and I can’t think of a show that doesn’t end up this way except maybe those where the story is always more of a driving force than character background.

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